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Embedding audio streams into blogs or websites have become immensely popular these days. It is sure that this trend of using music players for a website will stay and in near future will rule the web world as a great and effective marketing tool. These free music players provide a better experience to the visitors and effective in creating more business by sign ups to the products or services. Find out the most appropriate one that suits your mood and then add it to your website or blog. You can add thousands of songs into your music player from tons of music resources available on the web.

But finding out the most appropriate and effective music player for website is not an easy task. It takes lots of your precious time. But here we provide a great selection of both free and premium music players that you can add into your website of the blog to woo your visitors. All our music players for the website listed here are exclusive and unique and just for you. So simply search our gallery and chose your free or premium music player for website or blog and see how your visitors are charmed. All our music players are professionally designed and state of the art product.

Today, website and blogs have become an integral part of our life. These are not only useful and effective medium of expression but at the same time an important business arena. These websites and blogs are becoming more and more customized every day with use of new widgets to attract more and more visitors. The main motive of creating a website or blog is to attract flocks of visitors and charm them with uniqueness in content and design and ultimately create a strong impulse about your product or service. Indeed websites and blogs are truly a magnificent marketing tool in today’ business.

Most of the designers prefer to include interesting widgets into their portfolio websites or blogs to charm the visitors and attract them. They want to create a unique website or blog. In order to make their website or blog to be distinguished easily, they often include music players for the website that provide a new look and usefulness jukebox in the webspace.

Free Music Players

Audio Player in jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3

Audio Player

This is a walkthrough that guides you through the standard routine of creating your own audio player with the required functionality. It is based on MediaElement.js that charges the component with energy and mimics features of HTML5 API to work in old browsers. The tutorial is broken into nine vital steps that pay attention to such details as time tooltip, progress bar, volume slider, control buttons and others.

No-Code Email Template Builder

With Postcards Email Builder you can create and edit email templates online without any coding skills! Includes more than 100 components to help you create custom emails templates faster than ever before.

Free Email BuilderFree Email Templates

Flash MP3 Player

Although Flash is dead, however, there are still a ton of projects that rely on this technique and gazillion of users who do not want to upgrade their PC. Flash MP3 Player is an ideal solution for providing less advanced users with an opportunity to enjoy music in a friendly environment. Moreover, it is a WordPress plugin that has several skins and the basic toolset.

XSPF Web Music Player (Flash)

XSPF Web Music Player (Flash) is written in ActionScript 2, so that be ready to some problems with browser compatibility. It is a small web application that leverages XML Shareable Playlist Format to play songs. Another drawback is that it does not have a friendly customization panel, so that you need to dive into the structure and documentation to configure it the way you need to. For the rest, it does its job well.

Audio Player 2.0

Audio Player 2.0 is a lightweight plugin created to improve WordPress-powered websites with simple yet clean music box. There are an admin panel, French version and even RTL layout for Arabic interfaces. You are allowed to set the color for the background, manipulate with transparency and use some other features.


Flowplayer can be used as a standalone music widget or a sterling multifunctional media player that works with various formats. You can show cover images, make playlists and even set it up to meet the theme of your website. What’s more, it lets you stream audio files using RTMP protocol.

Low-Code Website Builders

With Startup App and Slides App you can build unlimited websites using the online website editor which includes ready-made designed and coded elements, templates and themes.

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Free Music Player

Free Music Player is a standard flash player with an extensive customization panel. The latter enables you to assign

  • movie background color;
  • player background color;
  • button color;
  • track time elapsed color;
  • window color for displaying song description;
  • the number of MP3.

You can also define the auto start and manual start as well as turn on continuous play.

FREE Flash MP3 Player

Free Flash MP3 Player is a fast and relatively lightweight application that allows users of your website to listen to the music. Main features comprise

  • common controls (play, pause, stop, mute);
  • fully resizable window to meet mobile screens;
  • autoplay option;
  • autoresume option;
  • customizable design.

MP3 Player

MP3 Player is an open source, fully customizable component that adds a small yet eye-pleasing box with an intuitive interface to play songs on your website. It comes in five types ( mini, normal, maxi, multi and js) to give you a freedom of choice.


Whether you go for an open-source audio player or buy a plugin, it won’t make much difference, since both of them in majority own almost the same scope of possibilities and options. If you only need to play songs and provide users with a simple interface, then freemium versions are just for you.

However, if you seek some extra features that enhance user experience and in some cases give even more, for example, integration with PayPal or support of unlimited components on one page, then be ready to spend some cash on premium products.

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