25+ Free and Premium Music Players for Website and Blog


ADG3 : Simple Sound Controller

ADG3: Simple Sound Controller like the previous example avoids the messy appearance and ditches everything unnecessary thereby opting for a more modest and clean design. It is a standalone box with a controller that boasts of some eye-pleasing animated levels and effects that smooth transitions between tracks. You can make changes in design and configure it via the main files.

Dark Star Mp3 Player Pro

Dark Star MP3 Player Pro is a streamlined bar-style component that can be seamlessly integrated into any UI. Although it is minimal, yet it includes all the required elements and navigation buttons. It leverages XML file to play MP3 tracks. The key features are

  • shuffle mode;
  • easy customization for a main skin;
  • support of drag and drop;
  • vector design made with refinement;
  • helpful tutorials.

Volume Sound Control – fade In/Out + Cookie

Volume Sound Control is an excellent solution for projects that need to enrich the user experience with corresponding background music. The plugin employs time-tested cookie to store volume level. It has several common characteristics as

  • mute button;
  • volume tooltip;
  • draggable selection;
  • main preloader;
  • fade in/out option;
  • sound preloader, and some others.

MP3 Player with Multiple Instances

MP3 Player with Multiple Instances is claimed to add unlimited players to one page, a feature that is hard to find in a standard plugin. The generated music boxes are linked with each other, so that you can organize a constant music flow. Just create instances of the key component and enjoy a stream.

Note, it is aimed to work with HTML files, so that its behavior in Flash-based projects is quite unpredictable.

Dynamic Mp3 Player (xml)

Dynamic MP3 Player is a cross-browser plugin that equally works on various platforms. You can add an unlimited number of genres, unlimited number of tracks within one category, and descriptions via HTML. Customize it through XML and load album covers from an external source to make an interface more convenient for the online listeners.

XML MP3 Player with List

XML MP3 Player is an XML-powered music box with a list. It opens in Flash 8 and higher and produces the music without a hitch. The list of features is not something extraordinary; it has

  • playlist with auto scroll;
  • all sorts of integral buttons( play, pause, previous, next);
  • track seek slider;
  • volume bar;
  • album options.


Whether you go for an open-source audio player or buy a plugin, it won’t make much difference, since both of them in majority own almost the same scope of possibilities and options. If you only need to play songs and provide users with a simple interface, then freemium versions are just for you. However, if you seek some extra features that enhance user experience and in some cases give even more, for example, integration with PayPal or support of unlimited components on one page, then be ready to spend some cash on premium products.

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