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New Collection of Free Fonts to Download


The importance of professional free fonts in web designing can never be underestimated. The precision, accuracy and balance in geometric forms give the characters a sharpness and elegance that facelift the very getup of a certain webpage. It is always noticed that the elegant fonts help the designers to convey their massages in a professional way that have a far reaching effect on the viewers. There are a number of excellent fonts’ styles with a professional look that the professional designers would prefer while designing the pages. Some of the fonts are suitable to be used by different ethnic groups who would like the contents to reach maximum eyeballs of their community sects and hence these fonts should be aptly designed in order to satisfy these visitors.

With a very serious, calm and impressive font, it is possible to make the writing much more stylish and catchy ion appearance. Some of these free fonts are PC Postscript, Open Type, Mac Postscript etc. Fonts are also available in italic, bold, light, as well as heavy forms. The usage of sans-serif free font helps to get a rich, beautiful and professional look of the writing.

Special attention is given in character spacing to get a homogenic appearing look. With the large x-height some free fonts can be utilized for text in small sizes. Thus fonts are available in italic, slanted roman and in many other beautiful forms.

Details on some professional free fonts type

For stationary to poster headlines use of rigid and robust fonts provides an elegant and flexible appearance. There are many fonts to download that are slanted, with large caps, long ascenders and small x- heights. Thus there are many types of fonts which can be used in magazines, books, headlines etc. Some of them can be availed at free of cost from the internet. Fonts like Fontin Sans are used absolutely free of cost for commercial and personal use.

The coffee font is used in brief text passages or in any headlines. It is not used for body texts. The currency signs and numbers have the same size or width. This type of fonts is used specially in restaurant menus.

Some Unicode fonts are specially designed and are used in biblical scholars, classicists, medievalists, and linguists books. This type of font is free for non- commercial, personal and non-profit purposes.

Romeral fonts are used to produce noticeable visual impacts that attract readers due to their sizable thickness. Some open type font is used to find ways to fill up color titles zones so that the readers can have a memorable reading experience. These types of fonts are used for headlines and body copies and are used in commercial as well as personal projects. Fonts styles like Vintage can be used for many upcoming designs that the web designers are launching in the market. By using the grunge patterns and brushes, the web designers can provide a timeless look to their fonts. It is always necessary to match the font style with the theme you are going to present in your design.

Some fonts are used where very small graphical display types are needed. Some professional fonts like silkscreen can be used to get a chunky as well as old school computer appearance that is extremely with the younger generation. There are some fonts that can be used for both corporate a well as personal use.

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To get some professional and free good looking fonts for download, web and graphic designers can search websites which offer these varieties. They only need to get those fonts downloaded and use them.

Download Free Fonts



Deco Neue







Chrome Light


Metropolis 1920






Mission Script

Maven Pro



Abraham Lincoln

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