25+ Examples of Single Colored Backgrounds in Web Design

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Do you really think that more options can make taking decisions easier? Let’s take the field of web designing for instance. Here one designer can have a lot of options to choose from, while designing the background of a website. While some designers may find it to choose their desired one from amongst plenty of available options, on the other hand, the abundance of options may confuse many. But one thing is definite; all these options of creating a website’s background make the sites more appealing.

While some designers feel good to play with colors in choosing the background of designs, there are designers who prefer to deal with a single solid color. For them it makes more sense to depict the ideas of a certain business through a single color. They feel that with that particular color they are able to convey the basic idea of the business for which the website is prepared. Nowadays, there are plenty of websites which try the theme of single colored background. The idea is great and can bring exclusivity if properly synchronized with other designing factors of the website.

For those who think that a website must have a vibrant color combination in order to attract viewers, these websites with single solid colors can be good examples to prove them wrong. For businesses with a single line of service, this kind of single color background is perfect to depict their straight approach to the viewers. On the other hand, businesses that have many shades can also use multicolored background to impress the viewers in a unique style.

However, in case of choosing single colored background for website there are some factors that must be kept in mind. First of all, the color of the background must suite the main theme of the business. It must reflect the basic subject of the website as well as the company. Other than this, the color of the texts and typography is also important in this case. If the designer is using a single color for the background of the website then the color of the texts must be selected carefully. For example, if the background color is in darker side then the text’s color must be something lighter and vice versa.

Single Colored Backgrounds in Web Design

Wanda Productions




Talent Garden

Slavery Footprint



Société Perrier


The Honours

McCormack & Morrison


Founders Fund

Red Bowl Challenge




Impala Webstudio

Nizo for iPhone

Somersby Cider

Progetty Studio


Mr. Henry

Dear Lament


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  1. Rachael Mar 13, 12:02 pm

    I like the examples you’ve included with the brighter, bolder colours for the background, like the red bowl challenge design, the intense red makes the site very eye catching, and I think if I stumbled across this page on the internet, even if it had nothing to do with what I was looking for I would be drawn to search through the site because of its fun, exciting colours used.

    But in contrast to that I like the very simple, clean, sleek white look of the Impala Webstudio Design. I also like the Nomoon example here, however the gradient does make it different from the others that you have shown here which are a single solid colour.

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