18 New Useful Frameworks for Web and Mobile App Developers

Thanks to the evolution in all the aspects of humanity, today web developers don’t have to waste their time on figuring out how and what to do in order to design a website. It all has already been created and all you have to do is have the right attitude and the dose of imagination. Frameworks and libraries help web developers focus on creating what they have in mind. It might not come easily at first, but with some reading and practicing you can get it done.

These frameworks I am talking about can help you create the right applications for example, whether we are talking about desktop applications or mobile apps. Web development is supposed to be fast and creative, and most of your time has to be taken by the actual creation and not the figuring out how to do that or the other.

This article will help you out with information about what frameworks you can use in order to develop desktop and mobile applications. They can really ease your way through the process of expressing your ideas in a website.

Web and Mobile Frameworks App Developers


jQuery Mobile

Sencha Touch

Wijmo – jQuery UI Widgets

The-M-Project – HTML5 Javascript Framework

Treesaver.js – Framework for Creating Magazine-Style Layouts

jQuery Form Framework – jFormer

Not Just A Grid – Flexible and Modular CSS Framework

Zepto.js – Minimalist JavaScript Framework for Mobile

Galleria – JavaScript Image Gallery Framework


Mobl – Open-Source HTML5-Based Language

SproutCore – HTML5 Application Framework

Initializr – HTML5 Templates Generator

iX Framework – JavaScript-Based UI Framework

DHTMLX Touch – HTML5 JavaScript Framework for Mobile

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  1. Shahal Tharique Apr 1, 12:30 pm

    This is awesome.. Thanks for sharing. I would never know about any of these if it wasn’t u.NOTJUSTAGRID is really great.

  2. kevin williams Apr 1, 10:53 pm

    You’re missing 2 good ones:

    Appcelerator: http://www.appcelerator.com/
    PhoneGap: http://www.phonegap.com/

  3. Brent Apr 2, 2:52 am

    Very cool list. I knew some of them, but not all. There are some great and easy frameworks coming along for mobile website design. Thanks.

  4. Prodyot Feb 1, 9:02 pm

    Great list.
    Most of the apps and tools are very useful.
    Thanks for listing the open source tools too.
    Thanks for the list.


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