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  1. Bradley Jan 21, 2:25 pm

    Notepad++ for the win! Have tried a few others, as well as paid editors and always come back to it!

    • Kasper Jan 21, 5:07 pm

      Try Sublime Text 2, it’s much better than notepad++ ;]
      Well, i’m using ST2 but still like N++

  2. Gareth J M Saunders Jan 22, 9:51 pm

    I agree. For example, Rapid CSS is €19.85; TopStyle price is US $79.95 per single user license; Stylizer 5.x is CAN $79.99. It’s really not hard to find out if you need to pay for them. And 30-days free trial does not equal free.

    It feels a little deceptive in order to drive traffic to the site. But what is really does is just make me less trustful of other articles on this site, sadly.

  3. Alex Jan 29, 11:04 pm

    +1 for Sublime Text 2 – It is young but very useful!

  4. Anthony Sep 22, 10:08 pm

    I know this was written months ago, but Stylizer is not a free product.

  5. morphosic Oct 3, 6:02 pm

    anyone know of a windows editor that fully supports nested css3? all of them i’ve tried can’t handle it yet… (as in they don’t know how to format it, or don’t recognize the nesting correctly)

    @page {

    @top-left { content:”test”; }

  6. Dang Thanh Jan 13, 7:23 pm

    Try Sublime Text 2. It’s very interesting with some amazing plugin such as Emmet, Nettus+ Fetch…

  7. Aslam Feb 8, 2:35 pm

    Coffee cup is a rocking software must try it out.

  8. Tom Aug 23, 10:45 pm

    Please remove the word FREE from the title. Most of the editors listed in this post are not free!

  9. omar Feb 27, 10:08 am

    try LiveGap Editor ( http://editor.livegap.com )
    Free Online Html Editor With Syntax highlighting,live preview,code folding,fullscreen mode,themes,matching tags,auto completion,tag finding,frameWork and closing Brackets


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