Best Examples of Facebook Fan Page Design

Our business world has seen a new facade in the form of Facebook that has given a new platform for the businessman to reach out their products and services to an incredibly large number of people all over the world. Social media has brought both businessmen and consumers under the same roof. It’s a great opportunity for the small scale businesses to promote themselves to a large audience. But it cannot always be so easy, until and unless they have an interesting Facebook fan page design that can catch the attention of the viewers.

Moreover, the market is going ROI (return of investment) oriented i.e. the return of social media. According to a market research company every nine out of ten businesses having a minimum of 100 employees will take the help of social media for their marketing gain. This is why, calculating the marketing labors will be very important. Another main reason why Facebook has got a decent ROI is because it is ranked second amongst the world’s mostly visited sites. So this sets the key for the businesses to cover the span with their prospected customer. However, this cannot be possible until and unless they have a catchy and a meaningful Facebook page design. The purpose of one’s Facebook page should be to attract and have as many visitors is possible.

Facebook has got FBML (Facebook Markup Language) which helps you to integrate and make a person glued to the Facebook page. The standard hallway tab of your Facebook page is the place which is filled up with random discussions. It has many additional or integrated points where viewers can hook in and create one’s profile. The aim is to create an interesting profile which will attract as many fans as possible and to interact with them. Once you have enough fans on your fan page you can participate and interact with your fans. You can also get involved into friendly chit chat with your friends.

Many different businesses are now trying to be innovative by creating detailed and catchy Facebook fan page design, so that it can engage with as many numbers of audiences as possible. Therefore the motive of the business should be to create an appealing Facebook page design so that they can grab the ever increasing number of Facebook users.

Examples of Facebook Fan Page Design



Hollister Co.

Mountain Dew



National Geographic







Monster Energy




Red Bull




Panda Express

Red Mango




Brendan’s Irish Pub and Restaurant




Guinness Ireland

Teesey Tees

Dunkin’ Donuts

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  1. Norman Nov 15, 5:39 pm

    Hey man. First off, let me say that this is probably the best round-up of Facebook fan pages I’ve seen. Keep posts like this coming man.

    Also your work is great and I’m glad to be a fan- will keep checking in on this great resource, we’re into fan pages and we believe and agree with what you’re saying about them- you can’t beat FB for ROI.

    Thanks again- great work.

  2. Erin E. Sullivan Nov 15, 7:55 pm

    A lot of these Facebook examples are pretty impressive. The most impressive collection I’ve seen have come from Daddy Design:

    Their work is spectacular!

  3. Alex Flueras Nov 16, 7:12 pm

    Really nice examples. Here is a display of some other cool Facebook Fan Pages:

  4. Edi Lopes Nov 18, 4:46 pm

    Muito bom. Serviu de referencia para que eu fazer uma boa FAN PAGE para a empresa em que trabalho.

  5. Saskia Frankena Dec 6, 11:27 am

    At first I was catched by the title and considering the date I thought I would get some valuable information. But you really lost me when you started to write about FBML. That is só 2010. People have to use Iframe now in order to customize there pages, and it won’t work if they upload their content from a non secured website.
    The pages you show are quite impressive though. Good inspiration.

  6. Lynn Jan 10, 6:56 pm

    Guys, FBML is no longer acceptable by Facebook, please update your article to avoid users’ misleading. There is quite great number of outdated facebook apps and cheaters that provide FBML for facebook pages, and regular users like me simply get lost. Few month ago I had my fan page designed in Photoshop and was looking for someone to turn it to Facebook fan page. I run into this guy via some blog or forum and he promised he’d code my template to FBML. He took my 60 bucks and gave me back a piece of code that never worked for me. Pity :( I lost my 60s, but found professional service that provides PSD to Fanpage conversions for just $49 –

  7. Amandah Feb 1, 3:50 pm

    Great examples — thanks for sharing! My client’s concern is that her company has to create a personal or business profile in order to create a FB fan page. Is this true? I thought a company would be able to create a fan page without having a personal or business account.

  8. Afroeuroforum Apr 6, 5:09 pm

    Great and beautiful fanpages. It would be great to have some tutorials on how to twick our facebook pages and make them standout as well.

  9. Stephen May 4, 4:33 pm

    Check this out

    Never seen a facebook fanpage like it


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