21 Twitter Tools to Bulk Follow and Unfollow Twitter Users


Twitter is full of automated or computer aided Twitter accounts that might take you to adult sites full of spammers and phishing attacks and growing list of such Twitter followers is hard to manage as it is difficult to identify twitter spammers.

Some twitter followers might not be tweeting since long and following those users will not generate any traffic or sales lead. Unfollowing such twitter profiles one by one is very annoying and time consuming activity.

Some twitter followers might not be tweeting since long and following those users will not generate any traffic or sales lead.

Unfollowing such twitter profiles one by one is very annoying and time consuming activity. Below is the list of 21.

Twitter Tools to Bulk Follow and Unfollow Twitter Users

Socialoomph – It is a powerful service that allows you to schedule Twitter updates, automate follower management tasks on Twitter, purge your Twitter DM inbox, and receive email digests of tweets that contain specified keywords. Socialoomph also provides you with an integrated and complete view of your mentions and retweets across multiple accounts. With specified keywords in place the tool lets you auto-follow users in same niche which will eventually increase the retweet count and click through rate.

With a paid SocialOomph Professional account which is available only for $29.97 per month you can also schedule updates for your Facebook profile and pages, schedule post for your blogs (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and more), find quality Twitter accounts to follow, and much more.

SocialToo – It allows you to manage your twitter account effectively. Just take a glance on the complete features list.

Auto Follow – With SocialToo you can automatically follow Twitter accounts that follow you, within 24 hours.

Auto Unfollow – Allow you to automatically unfollow people who stop following you. You can also set your account to automatically unfollow accounts whose activities appear to be spam-like.

Block Automatic DMs From Other Services by just the check of a box.

friendorfollow Provides you with an exhaustive list of twitter users who are not following you back and the user list who’s following you that you’re not following back. You can also export the twitter user list in CSV format.

Twitter Karma It is a Flash based application that pulls out your friends and followers from Twitter account after clicking the “Whack!” button. The list is sorted by last update, showing those who most recently updated first. The list can be filtered in several ways: only friends or only followers, all friends or all followers, and mutual friends. The tool allow you to bulk follow or unfollow twitter users. To follow or block twitter users in bulk just select the users and hit the button ‘Bulk follow’. Twitter karma has disabled the functionality to unfollow twitter users in bulk after the twitter notified the developer that it does not comply with twitter terms of service.

UnTweeps Allow you to unfollow selected people you are following who don’t tweet often enough. Just enter your twitter credentials and then enter the number of days. If you enter 20, then anyone who has not updated their Twitter status in the past 20 days will be shown on a list. Select the multiple twitter users to unfollow. Click the “Unfollow Selected Tweeps” button.

FlashTweet –  Allows you to add multiple Twitter accounts to your profile, identify who you are following that is following you back, mass follow twitter users based on location and search terms using specific keywords, bulk unfollow multiple friends, schedule twitter tweets in advance for the week, insert RSS feeds that will automatically tweet the title and link of your blog or another site. Flashtweet is a commercial application that helps you to acquire more quality followers.

BuzzomIt is an online service that allows you to search people using keywords in their Bio, keyword in tweet, by location or name. This is the most powerful and flexible twitter account management tool that stands out different from others. Buzzom lets you search for people who are not following you. Select one by one or all at once (maximum 50) to unfollow twitter users in bulk. Just hit the ‘Flush’ button to complete the process. To unfollow more, just refresh the list and select again. You can also find interesting people in your network and grow your twitter followers. You can also bulk follow twitter users. With Follow & Lock / Block feature you can Lock relationships. The cases like:

There might be few people who one doesn’t want to follow even though you are not reciprocated, such relationships can be locked.

If you want to block someone and never follow him again using Buzzom, you can block such user. Buzzom will never follow the account (till blocked). Buzzom Block does not block the user at Twitter.

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  1. Kevin Apr 25, 10:43 am

    You’re an “exceptional team” and you promote using these tools? They’re BS and anyone who truly understands effective use of social media works knows it. Use these tool and you’ll get the audience you deserve — one that isn’t listening (or buying).

    You guys are weak.

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