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If someone prefers web and graphic designing, he or she should take a session under Adobe Illustrator Tutorials. Initially, it seems tough to adopt the software and run it. Well, Adobe Illustrator smooth the process. Passionate designing meets a new level with Illustrator. One cannot ignore the tutorials either as they offer developed tools to improve designing. First time learning from these tutorials accumulates the basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator. Soon the users become expert to produce stunning designs with the help of the tutorial.

Tutorials from real experts, leading illustrators, high-end artists and those who can’t imagine their desktop screens without an icon of Adobe Illustrator is the best way to get acquainted with it as well as learn something new and polish your skills. Thanks to devoted creatives, who like sharing their acquired knowledge and findings with others quite regularly, every newbie will be able to easily get to grips with basic techniques that regardless of program version will come in handy; and as for professional graphic designers they will be able to broaden their experience by mastering brand-new tools that are created to get the most out of the new version of software. Of course, one should understand that every such educational material takes up time; sometimes even lots of time is needed in order to carefully read, try to repeat and successfully achieve the same result. However, this “wasted” time will definitely turn on the best for your career.

Here, we unveil helpful guides that will empower your working process, help to unleash your imagination, give hints how to finesse your projects, and of course, make Adobe Illustrator your “best friend”.

Do not stick to old designing ideas. Join Adobe Illustrator for fresh and demanding ideas. Adobe Illustrator tutorials have all creative options cater to the purpose of any site. If your site is information store on designer jewelry, craft it with various glitzy diamond ornaments to surpass others. There are designing tools for them also who deals in electronics, technical gadgets and others as well. iPad and iPhone users always are online for the latest information. Design the devices with elegance, and learn from Adobe Illustrator Tutorials how to stay ahead in designing.

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New Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

New Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

How to Create Seamless Subtle Patterns

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Patterns are integral tools that every designer should master in the first instance. Being used in various purposes, they help to enrich your project, so that the educational material that is aimed to explain you how to correctly create pixel seamless patterns is a real treasure even for pros.

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Here you will learn how to create various pixel-perfect geometric patterns that are ideal for giving your background an elaborate look. Besides, you will be able to grab not only one pattern, but the whole pack of basic patterns.

Create a Vintage Photo Camera icon for App Store

Illustrator Tutorials

As all we know, App store imposes some restrictions on graphics, so creating even a primitive icon for application can be a really tricky task for novices. Though the tutorial demands couple of your free hours, yet it is definitely worth it. You will be able to design a proper icon with a vintage vibe and eye-catching appearance. The tutorial includes such basic techniques as:

  • enhancing an icon with textures;
  • working with third-party plugins;
  • using of gradients;
  • adding some realistic effects: gloss, emboss and shadows.

How to Create Infographics

How to Create Infographics

How to effectively shape your statistics and present it in a pleasing and attention-grabbing manner? This tutorial will answer your question in details. It will walk you through basic steps of creating such integral components of infographics as

  • charts;
  • bar graphs;
  • graph type;
  • column graph tools.

All these components are intended to pleasantly dish up boring data, giving your infographic an attention-grabbing appearance.

How to Create a Mail App Icon

The tutorial is designed specifically for an intermediate user of Adobe Illustrator that has several spare hours. It considers main principles of creating a basic icon for iOS-based application that involves such acts as

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  • working with sketching;
  • playing with light and shade and soft colors;
  • adding realistic effects.

How to Create a Vector Snake Using Adobe Illustrator CS5 and Mesh Tormentor

An ability to work with optional plugins is fundamental for those who appreciate its time and prefer to work more efficiently. The tutorial clearly displays how to work with free Mesh Tormentor add-on that includes helpful instruments for adding and applying gradients.

Here, you will be drawing a snake from a scratch using a simple Pen tool and colorizing it with a help of combination of gradients.

How to Illustrate a Tomato Using Adobe Illustrator

If you are looking for a proper guideline how to draw a realistic fruit or vegetable then you should set your eyes on the tutorial that demonstrates a step-by-step procedure of creating vectorize tomato. It makes use of such basic tools as:

  • paths (add anchor points, transform paths and fill it with color);
  • selection tool;
  • effects of light and shadows.

How to Create a Happy Drummer Using Adobe Illustrator and VectorScribe Plugin

Providing artists with all necessary stuff for drawing characters as well as mascots is one of the main goals of Adobe Illustrator. The tutorial is based on using an extra plugin called VectorScribe that solves lots of issues concerning manual tracing process. The author explains how and when it is better to apply it to your project.

In addition to that, you will learn how to

  • create shapes and objects;
  • colorize objects;
  • group elements;
  • use tools for speeding up your works.

How to Create a Starfish in Adobe Illustrator

This small training course suggests mastering such basic tools as

  • blend modes;
  • gradient meshes;
  • patterns;
  • lighting;

In order to accurately draw an intricate textured starfish.

Though the tutorial will take up about 3 hours of your precious time, yet it will reveal some important techniques that will make your future projects sophisticated and subtle.

How To Create a Cute Hairy Vector Monster Character

This is a really beneficial tutorial for those who want to master standard tools of Adobe Illustrator.

This cute wooly mascot is built with a help of mix of numerous simple round shapes that are skillfully decorated by means of color, gradient and some glow effects. Step by step you will draw, group and decorate objects for getting the final result.

How to Turn a Photo into Vector Artwork

Unlike previous examples, this post is aimed to showcase how to use Adobe Illustrator for converting photos into illustrations. Indeed, it uncovers a commonly-used solution among graphic designers. Not every piece of art is created from a scratch; sometimes designers resort to photos and images in order to use them as a foundation for their projects, so you don’t even need to have drawing skills.

The tutorial shows how to use a simple tracing technique in conjunction with Pen tool and other essential instruments in order to turn a simple shot into a hand-drawn artwork.

Create a Cute Vector Penguin Character in Illustrator

The tutorial is oriented at the audience, which wants to master skills of working with basic shapes and standard techniques in order to be able to draw a really cute vector characters. The author has intentions of showing you how to easily use such embellishment options as:

  • gradients;
  • patterns;
  • solid colors;

in order to achieve a desired result.

Create a Bright Vector Snowboard Design in Illustrator

Bright coloring and illustrations always join hands. If you want to make your digital drawing look absolutely refined and matchless, then you should set your eyes on this article. Itfalls into several quick and easy steps that embrace some great tips and tricks that involves such operations as

  • creating bright shapes;
  • applying patterns;
  • using art brush;
  • adding geometry vibe.

“Lady Luck” T-Shirt Illustration

This is not a typical tutorial that includes step by step guide of how to mockup a t-shirt illustration. This is kind of a documentation of creation process. The artist reveals its source of inspiration, project parameters, instruments that he used and of course the small guide. You will master how to use:

  • Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop in collaboration;
  • photos;
  • scanner;
  • pencil and paper.

The tutorial includes some rough sketches and process of its transformation into digital artwork. Of course, this is a truly sophisticated piece of work, but if you be able to understand the fundamentals of it, you will definitely broaden your experience.

Draw realistic liquids in vector art

Creating highly realistic effects that will mimic real-life surfaces is a really hard and tricky task, especially when it comes to vector-based illustrations. However, there is nothing impossible for a real Adobe Illustrator’s gurus like Jing Zhang. He has posted a truly helpful tutorial that discloses tips and tricks of creating realistic liquids in vector art. He takes advantage of such instruments as:

  • mesh tool;
  • warp tool;
  • layer blending properties.

that will add to your artwork pleasant 3d effects.

Creating Complex Style Illustrations: A Process

Much like example 13, this is more an overview of creation process than rather a stepwise article that clearly demonstrates how to draw something. The artist just wants to give you hints as well as familiarize with a main workflow. You will understand how properly:

  • set up your working area;
  • trace stock images;
  • add details where it’s necessary;
  • apply patterns.

The artist breaks a really complex illustration into clear and apparent parts that can be easily reproduced even by newbies.

Draw an Ornate Bell in Adobe Illustrator

As the designer states, the creation of such a fantastic glossy ornate bell illustration is so simple that everybody can handle it.

You will be using Pen tool and Pathfinder Panel to create a basic object; and in order to bring it to life, you will resort to mixing and matching color gradients that will help to achieve a nice surface with 3d-dimension touch as well as apply reflections and shadows that will add finishing touches.

Draw a Vector Traffic Cone with Adobe Illustrator

Though it seems that an illustration of a traffic cone won’t be of much use for your projects, however, the tutorial’s goal is not to provide you with necessary graphics but to unveil some helpful tips.

The article is aimed to showcase how to create basic shapes, use them smartly and apply the Pathfinder panel in order to create something from a scratch. And when it comes to make it look more realistic and eye-catching, the designer offers to leverage simple gradient tool that is able to turn any dull object into a vibrant piece of art.

Create an Assortment of 3D Text in Adobe Illustrator

Spicing up your tagline or headline has never been easier with various tools provided by Adobe Illustrator; you can transform any text into a mind-blowing masterpiece that will instantly grab users’ attention.

Jasmina Stanojevic casts a light on some interesting tricks and tips that can be used for creating vibrant 3d typography. Besides, the tutorial displays how simple perspective and lighting principles in conjunction with gradient and color tools applied on custom objects and shapes can turn a boring lettering into something incredible.

Create an Ornate 3D Gift Box in Illustrator

The tutorial concentrates only on one basic tool – Blend tool that is considered to be one of the most powerful. It serves as a polishing instrument that is used in tandem with color gradient and vector shadows that help to create simple shapes in a delicate manner. The 3d effect is achieved thanks to some manipulations with 3d Extrude and Bevel options panel.

The designer also draws attention to technique of emphasizing details by means of highlights, making your box look semi-realistic due to manipulations with lighting effects.

Design and Print Bold Promo Cards in 60 Minutes

As the title implies, Collis Ta’eed is able to clearly explain how to build up promo cards only for 60 minutes.

You will use some third-party elements such as vector shapes and minicards templates that are skillfully put together. The cards are based on CMYK coloring that is appropriate for printing.

The tutorial involves such integral processes as

  • setting up the board;
  • adding guides and bleed area;
  • working with typography.

Design your self-promo book

The Adobe Illustrator offers all necessary instruments for designing a self-promotion book (A5 format catalogue-portfolio) that will serve as kind of an effective marketing tool for you.

Thanks to this article, you will learn

  • specifications for bleed area;
  • to use Adobe InDesign;
  • to understand what fonts will be suitable for headlines and content;
  • to properly organize images;
  • to export document into Adobe PDF.

Create a Business Card in Illustrator

The tutorial will provide you with insights into the workflow of creating a regular print-ready business card. Once you have read this article, you will become familiar with standard specifications of:

  • size of business cards;
  • size of Safe area;
  • color mode.

that are highly recommended.

The article comprises 7 easy steps that will walk you through the whole process.

How to Create a Captivating, Self-Promotion Kit

As usual, the tutorial involves fantastic hand-drawn sketches that need to be transformed into digital artworks. Ben Mounsey is going to show you how to do it as well as create a high-end self-promotion kit by ably leveraging textures and making the most of basic tools.

Though the tutorial is not so easy to follow, especially if you are a newbie; however, it reveals really interesting solutions that will certainly come in handy in a future.

How to Create a Beautiful Vector Bokeh Effect

Do you want to brighten and enrich your illustration with vector bokeh effect, giving it a nice delicate touch? If yes, then this video tutorial is created specifically for you.

Being a quick tip of how to create this magnificent effect, it is going to showcase symbol and symbolism tools in practice. This is a great example of how simple technique can be used to achieve an overwhelming result.

Create a Classic Baby Stroller in Adobe Illustrator

This explanatory article is a great starting point, even despite of being quite comprehensive and really time-consuming.

Though it seems that such kind of vector illustration is unlikely to be useful, however, the main goal of this post is to clearly show integral tools in work and cooperation.

So you will get an opportunity to master:

  • pen tool;
  • selection tool;
  • gradient and color tool;
  • paths;
  • grids.

How to Create a Professional Magazine Layout

This is a helpful manual by Otto Coster posted on vectortuts several years ago. It explains some old techniques, yet as the practice shows, primitive solutions and common methods that were quite popular previous years still stay relevant. Every sophisticated artwork is based on such techniques, so mastering them won’t be definitely a waste of time.

The article includes several steps for prototyping professional magazine layouts as:

  • setting up a document with proper sizes and options;
  • creating a helpful grid;
  • adding a background and body text;
  • setting up a baseline grid
  • working with formatting.

How to Create a Pacifier Icon in Illustrator

This is another helpful tutorial for newbies. The process includes 33 detailed steps supplied with descriptive images. As befits, the creation of vector pacifier icon involves implementation of standard operations, working with appearance panel, manipulating with gradients and much more.

When you get to the last step, you will definitely gain an understanding of basics as well as improve your skills.

Let’s Make a Playful Yet Robust 3D Letter Design

While you might think that mind-blowing lettering can be done only in Photoshop or in Cinema 4D, Adobe Illustrator has something to offer and Jonathan is eager to show its hidden possibilities by means of his tutorial.

However, not everyoneуwill find it easy to follow since the designer leverages some advanced techniques and the process requires some good skills.

Playing with Stationery Art Brushes and the Live Paint Bucket

As the nameplate of the tutorial implies, it will concentrate your attention on 2 main tools: Stationery Art Brushes and Live Paint Bucket that in tandem will produce a truly impressive outcome.

Sharon Milne depicts a process of transforming simple lettering into topnotch line-style typography piece that has a stationery vibe.

The article is divided into 3 main parts:

  • drawing of stencils;
  • creation of letterings;
  • prettification of typography by means of color tool.

How to Make a Flesh Ripping Zombie Type Treatment

Want to overwhelm audience with an awesome type treatment that features a flesh ripping zombie image and has a nice hand drawn edge? Then you should resort to Nik Holmes that has answers to all your questions. His article is created specifically for those who need some horror-like flyer design.

He shares several valuable approaches of how to draw a realistic zombie using a simple human photo as well as how to transform regular type into something incredible and horrendous.

Create a Fresh Cucumber Text Effect

Creating a vector illustration with a real depth and touch of naturalness is really hard task, especially when it comes to building up realistic text effects.

Diana Toma offers its online audience to do an experiment with Adobe Illustrator and try to come up with cucumber-inspired lettering. She breaks her tutorial into 13 simple steps where each one is supplied by demonstrative screenshot, so that the guide is really easy to repeat even for newbies.

How to Create a Cute Bunny Vector Character

Creation of fancy characters usually bears some difficulties whether you are a novice or a professional, however, actually the process is quite simple if you know how to use Adobe Illustrator that in the first place is oriented at illustrators.

So pay attention to this helpful post. The great thing about it is that Ryan Putnam (the author of this piece) provides online audience with more than 40 detailed steps and images that make the process really easy to repeat. Of course, it will take some time, but it definitely worth it.

Design And Print a Vector Skate Graphic

This article is devoted to every skateboarder. You don’t have to buy expensive and brand skate in order to stand out from the crowd, all you have to do is to give it a touch of your personality that can be achieved by Adobe Illustrator. Ann L. and her topnotch tutorial will give you a helping hand in this case.

Her post reveals a simple process of creating a mind-blowing intricate illustration that can be easily print. 18 comprehensive steps will touch upon such stages as:

  • doing a quick drawing;
  • using brush tool;
  • using Path tool and much more.

Create an Old-School Print Style Illustration

The tutorial draws attention to blending modes and mis-registered lines that here play key roles. Drawing an old-school print style illustration in Adobe Illustrator will seem like a piece of cake after you have watched this short video tutorial.

Having fallen into category of quick tips, it will teach you some interesting techniques that will definitely find their place in your project, especially if you prefer draw illustrations rather than build interfaces.

Create a Stitched Type Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Let’s find out how Adobe Illustrator can assist in turning a primitive lettering into a true masterpiece together with Anne Elster.

The tutorial will prove you that this powerful software is not so frightening as it may seem. At the end of this virtual lesson you will be able to spice up any symbols with textures, patterns and vibrant coloring, making them look original and matchless.

How to Illustrate 3D Power Cells

The author suggests engaging such popular instruments as

  • blends;
  • blending modes;
  • 3d-modeling;
  • gradients.

in order to create a realistic illustration of power cells. Oleksandr Iegupov knows how to do it perfectly well and is eager to show it to those who are fairly new to the program. Moreover, this is a great starting point for those who want to become proficient with 3d modelling.

Create Textured European Goldfinch Characters

Here everything rides on manipulations with textures. They add finishing touches, making birds look intricate and elaborate. You will learn how to

  • draw the bird, having only a photo of it;
  • transform it into a digital sketch with a help of Pen tool;
  • use live trace for adding extra details;
  • apply textures.

So, don’t miss it.

How to Make a Magic Book Using Adobe Illustrator

Using Adobe Illustrator won’t be so difficult any more after this comprehensive tutorial.

Laura Falcon’s article is packed with magic like an illustration she uses as a sample for teaching you some interesting techniques. Unlike the previous example, the post is more focused on instruments rather than on sketching so that you will be able to obtain the same spectacular result.

Design a Print-Ready Beer Label in Adobe Illustrator

Alan Ballard tries to detail some surprisingly simple techniques that help to produce a magnificent piece of art. He is ready and willing to show you all the possibilities hidden in such instruments as:

  • type on a path
  • live trace;
  • opacity mask.

The tutorial takes you from the setup to the final production even without ignoring printing options.

Working with the Gradient Mesh Tool In Illustrator

As the nameplate of the tutorial implies, here basic Gradient Mesh tool is on the point. The goal of this article is to effectively familiarize readers with this instrument. Irmi Arieli has come up with interesting solution that covers various functions and operations with Mesh such as

  • creating a basic Mesh;
  • adding points to a Mesh;
  • colorize Mesh;
  • moving points;
  • meshing with shapes.


Adobe Illustrator allows you to draw sketches, create illustrations, spice up typography, and build graphics for web, print, and video. Being created specifically for vector graphics it concentrates more on artists, providing them with instruments that are aimed to let their imagination run wild as well as bring to life any of their original ideas.

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