Free Tileable and Seamless Patterns for Photoshop and Illustrator

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Website designing has come along way in the past two decades seamless patterns play an extremely important role in the modern web designing. During the initial stage of web development the main criteria was to provide information to people in all corners of the globe, but with the passage of time and technological innovations, website designing became a class of its own.

Today, every website whether personal or corporate wants to stand unique among millions of similar websites and tries to be successful in its mission. Web Developers have become more and more skillful and with the advent of different types of technological advancements and techniques, website designing has become a creative art just like a true artist.

Now website designing is indeed a work of art. But web developers can use many free tileable and seamless pattern sets available in the World Wide Web in their website design. These are ready to use seamless patterns, both unique and attractive.

Free Tileable and Seamless Patterns

Truly speaking, using tileable and seamless pattern sets is a great way to provide your website design and character a unique look. You can easily highlight the key areas or create a nice charming background that will push your layout design to the forefront. Using these seamless patterns will make your website design more constructive and complete.

You can create your very own seamless pattern sets in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. It is very useful for all sorts of design projects, and moreover, it adds a great flavor to your work.

Most of the seamless pattern sets available on the download for use are in formats .png,. eps, .pat, .ai, and .jpg. Each set may contain hundreds of patterns varying in geometric shapes, retro, grunge, paper, vintage, lines, dots, flowers or fabric.

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Hundreds of free seamless patterns and textures are available on the internet to use freely for web developers and each set which may contain from 3 to 300 different patterns are one above another and web developers find it difficult to select which one to use. However, it is totally up to the web developer to decide according to his desires and mood, which one to use because creativity varies from person to person and what one perceives might not be perceived by another designer.

Web designers are offered with exciting free with tileable and seamless pattern sets and so enjoy web designing in a new way…

Seamless Subtle Patterns

In our tutorial, we reveal how to create a seamless pattern in Adobe Illustrator. The technique is so simple that anyone can grab the grips of it. At the end, you will find a small bonus – a package of six seamless patterns.

12 Grunge Photoshop Patterns

From subtle light to mysterious black, the pack includes different sleek grunge patterns. Everything is available in PAT format so that you can easily work with them in Photoshop.

Dark Fabric Patterns

Created by the gifted Danny Knaack, this freebie gives you an opportunity to fill up a toolkit with more than a dozen beautiful sleek dark patterns. They are ideal for giving the design fabric-like qualities.

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Entitled just “Patterns,” this set lives up to its name. It covers fifteen exceptional items built to meet the needs of the sophisticated designers. Each one is presented in a fully layered PSD file.

Dark Tile

Available in a medium size, this sleek and subtle pattern lets create a tile surface wherever you need. Notice the play of tones – it makes this pattern look incredible.

Seamless Blueprint Textures

Blueprints are an absolute classic. Even if you are a fan of everything modern and high-tech, this fantastic bluish checkered texture that creates an old-school authentic grid will certainly please your eye.

Tablecloth Bg Repeat

This is another seamless pattern in our collection that screams out traditional appeal on all fronts. Delivered in PSD file, it is a perfect tool for adding some retro touches to projects.

6 Greek / Roman Pixel Patterns

From retro to antique, this set will charm you with its gorgeous archaic look. Created by Italian web designer Matteo Di Capua, the freebie exudes lovely Roman charm.

Tileable Pattern

This is just one pattern yet it certainly deserves your attention. It was created with meticulous attention to details so you will notice the high quality of the realization. It is sleek, subtle and polished with beautiful noise touches.

Norwegian Rose

Created by Fredrik Scheide, the pattern oozes beauty, charm, and elegance. The carefully tiled drawings of rosettes and geometric shapes make it unique.


As the Designova, an author of this fantastic freebie, said – “you can never have enough of this kind of stuff.” It is quite difficult to argue with that, since this pattern is universal and always comes in handy.

Skewed print

The key feature of this pattern lies in its carefully chosen angle that makes the boring lines look interesting. It is seamless, dark and just sophisticated.


Big crosses, small crosses – choose whatever option fits you most. The pattern is so well made that you can easily change size without worrying that everything will crash and burn.


This is another dark pattern in our collection that radiates of sophistication and refinement. It produces a smooth crisscross layer with subtle noise and tactile quality.

Subtle stripes

If you seek a tool to work a vertical rhythm into an upcoming design, then the freebie created and generously shared by Raasa is a thing to try out. It features subtle vertical relatively narrow stripes looking crisp and sleek.


Maybe it is not as navy as you want it to be; nevertheless, it is certainly a tool to bring a male charisma in a project. It is dark, checkered and a bit rough.

Cream Dust

Cream Dust stands in sharp contrast to the previous solution. It is light, smooth and just lovely. Although it is delivered in a relatively small size yet still thanks to its seamless appearance, it works great for numerous projects.

Noisy Net

Much like Navy pattern displayed above, this one also has features that easily add a male and a bit brutal charm to the project. It has a bundle of crisscross details and noise spots skillfully scattered throughout the surface.


Unlike the majority of grid patterns over there, this one is fragile and subtle. Dominik Kiss’ grid is ultra-tiny and ultra-delicate. It is even difficult to delineate the cells at once, but they are there.

Cardboard Flat

Appleshadow offers his vision of cardboard surface. His pattern is sleek and a bit artificial; nevertheless, the nature of the paper-based material is carefully preserved.

Noisy Grid

Unlike the Grid by Dominik Kiss, this one certainly looks like a grid whichever way you look at it. It has an old-school appearance that thanks to noise does not look boring.

Subtle Dots

Here dots are everywhere, literally everywhere. They stand behind the beauty of this pattern. Due to proper alignment, the image looks organized and well put together.

Retina dust

Unlike all featured here this freebie was created specifically for Retina displays. It means that the pattern will surprise you with high quality and precision.

Gray lines

The symbiosis of diagonal lines and noise – sometimes it can be all you need for your next design. This time-proven pair always finds its way to please an eye of the viewer.

Shine dotted

The pattern is composed of hundred carefully arranged squares painted in light almost white tone. In small size it looks like a bunch of dots whereas in big size it reveals its geometric nature.

Light Mesh

Although Wilmotte Bastien’s freebie will not surprise you with originality yet, it is certainly another fantastic take on checkered surface. The pattern produces a sleek and sharp surface that is universal in usage.

Dark Tire

Dark Tire is composed of numerous black lines that stretch from left to right side by side. To avoid banality, the author has added noise, making the pattern look sophisticated, and elegant.

First Aid Kit

With its crisp look, this pattern can save one or two projects out there. Due to crafty checkered design, it bears a resemblance to an elastic band that can be found in every First Aid Kit.

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