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Of late, a huge number of professional and free Photoshop CC tutorials have come up which has made mastering this latest version of Photoshop extremely easy and quick. Though the software initially was developed way back in 1987 for designing special effects for the film “Star Wars”, the software has come a long way since then and today, is one of the most common software.

With every passing decade, the software got improved technically besides being more and more user-friendly and with the introduction of the CC version a new feat has been accomplished.

The new CC version of Photoshop that has been released has already drawn a lot of accolades from the users mainly because of its new features as well as capabilities besides its user-friendliness and at present the people are going gaga with this new version of Photoshop and its related themes.

This article describes some of the key features of the updated version of Photoshop that will surely help to increase the end results of your projects and help you work much faster than before.

Some Key Features of Photoshop CC Tutorials

The new version has the ability to change the entire appearance of any type of text with much ease and in hardly any time. The new feature of Photoshop CC that helps you to do this is called known as Type Styles. The feature has a huge and extremely useful tutorial of information that will provide you a complete guideline of how the latest feature operates and how it can be utilized in order to enhance the workflow of text formatting.

Then there is another tutorial called Blur Gallery that is nothing but a compilation of 3 brand new filters, which are Field Blur, Tilt-Shift and Iris Blur. All these features help the user to place as well as manipulate the controls straightaway on the area of the image. Apart from this, there is another separate Blur Effects set that helps the user to create some spectacular highlights that mimics the bokeh effects that are generally produced by high resolution lenses.

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Another very useful feature that the Photoshop CC Tutorials come up with is the Layer Panel that helps the users to a large extent. Designers generally deal with hundreds of various layers and managing all these layers simultaneously is a tall task that demands a lot of patience as well as expertise. However, with the introduction of this new Layer Panel, the work becomes much easier and less time consuming.

Another feature that the tutorials of this new Photoshop contain is a complete guidance of how to create the original text effect that is conceptualized on the poster of the Hollywood blockbuster “Wrath of the Titans”. The tutorial is extremely easy to use and the users can learn things pretty easily. Still on an average, a user can take between 1 and 2 hours to get accustomed with the entire tutorial.

Another useful as well as popular and free Photoshop Tutorials is the “Tilt-Shift method” and the users can actually refer to the video version of the tutorial that will provide a thorough notion of how the technique works.

There are some other tutorials which come up with the 3D features that were available with Photoshop CS5. The only difference is that, in the latest version, the features have been improved and have become more user-friendly. Frankly speaking in the latest version of Photoshop CC, the technique of 3D has been entirely overhauled that has given the effects and altogether new look!

Another new feature of the latest version of Photoshop is the Content-Aware movement option that will allow the user to flawlessly move various objects of the photos from one place to another. Besides, with the latest version, users can turn a photo in a nice example of artwork with the addition of an outstanding effect of oil painting. In order to do that, a special option known as “Oil Paint” will come to use.

Free Photoshop CC Tutorials

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