30+ Professional Examples of Yellow Colored Business Cards

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If you didn’t think about the importance of colors in your day to day life, please, take a moment and do it now, because it’s essential to use them in the best way to make them get across the right message. It doesn’t matter if it’s about make-up and clothes, house decorating or business cards. Co lours are always telling us something, even if it’s at a non-verbal level, and create an atmosphere, a setting for interaction. So bear in mind to do some research before you choose the shade or tone for your new carpet and walls in order for your guests to feel comfortable or the right color combination for the new blog you’re opening with the intention to send the right signals as to attract more readers.

Today we will talk about the colors used for business cards and will take a look at the importance of yellow. It represents joy, happiness, energy, intellect, creativity and has a speeding effect on our metabolism (maybe that’s why McDonalds uses it!). Although it is warm and optimistic, it’s essential to use it the right quantities and shades, because studies have shown that this color tends to create a disturbing state of mind if it’s overused. Yellow is a great way to attract attention and if you have chosen to use it on your business card, I guess you made the right decision.

Combined with black, yellow gets even better the message “Hey, look here!” across and it’s a great eye-catcher. But there are various shades of yellow alone, or combined with other colors, that you can experiment with in order to send your own personalized message across about your product you’ve just started marketing. If the business card is one of your main marketing tools, then I suggest you think twice before starting printing and spreading them to your potential clients. Take a look at how others do it and use some time to get inspired by their work or by nature. You won’t regret it!

Here are 30+ of the most interesting and well-crafted yellow colored business cards that caught our eye. Maybe this collection will inspire you to think of even better shades and combinations in your marketing quests for a better product or service promotion.

Yellow Colored Business Cards

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