100 Unique Business Cards Design Inspiration

Needless to say that a business card is the face of its holder. You can say much about a person or an organization from a single glance at it. On the one hand, the principle idea of a business card is to provide all necessary information and contact details of its holder but on the other, it should help to produce the right first impression.

Therefore, designing a business card is a challenging process when you have to create a clear and easy-to-read layout, making at the same time an outstanding overall design. For today’s post we’ve prepared a rich collection of different business cards designs which reflect the latest tendencies in this area.

As you can see, not only graphic effects come handy. You can use a very plain design but choose some unexpected material to print the card like thick cardboard or silken paper.

We hope that this fresh ideas will prove useful both for the designers and for their clients who are in search of something really exquisite. The more creative you are while working on all image-making details, the more effective they will prove in the long run, leading you to success.

Business Cards Design Inspiration

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  1. Pete Barnes Jan 20, 11:11 am

    Some great cards there, might have to do a bit of a redesign on some of mine!

  2. Frinley Mar 28, 9:41 am

    Cool collection of designs, thanks for the inspirational effort.


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