20 Medical Business Cards Design Examples

Doctors, as other professionals have to present business cards when they meet people interested in their services. These have to inspire faith and confidence and by using the right colors and symbols, one can achieve that. Usually symbols that are closer to the area the doctor is activating in are the most appropriate. But it also can be something generic like white doves that signify care, humanity and healing for instance.

The right colors used on medical business cards are pretty important too; like red that represents remedial drugs, or blue that represents trust and healing. These two colors can blend with the design of the medical business card very well. Or you can make them cheerful, using bright colors if its pediatricians we are talking about.

Making them pleasant to the eye or fun can make some of your future patients get over their fears, like medical cards for dentists for instance.

This is a collection of medical cards that we think are worth showcasing.

Medical Business Cards Design Examples


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  1. Steffen Apr 4, 6:02 am

    Uh I don’t know… the one with the skeleton looks kind of scary :) not sure if that would motivate me to visit the doctor. Overall, I think simple is best; my favorite is the “Scrubdin” one, looks great!


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