25 Examples of Navigation Menus in Web Design

There are some factors that you have to keep in mind and can never ignore while designing a website. Navigation menu is one such part of the subject related to web designing. Designers put a lot of effort to make a website beautiful and attractive to the viewers. Newer and better techniques are introduced in order to make websites more alluring and effective for the users. The section of navigation in a website is not out of this effort. While designing a page, designers must consider the navigation menu part with much care, because this is the source to visit other pages or to follow other links in a website.

If the visitors or the users of a website cannot understand how to go to the next page from the homepage then the other pages will remain unseen, which is not at all desired. So, the navigation must be clear in every page. Now, the navigation menu can be of different types. From simple menus that are based on clear and uncomplicated typography there are navigation menus that are energetic and have preset position in the website. It is the duty of a designer to choose the right pattern of navigation menu for the site by keeping in mind the main motto of the portal. There are some fixed elements in this section that does not change their position even if the page is changed.

These kinds of elements are mostly found in the header or footer section of a web page. On the other hand, there can be navigation menus that are not fixed and can change their place with the shifting of pages. All of them are really very good for enhancing the pleasant appearance and the charisma of any website. Visitors may find it very interesting to browse a site with a little difference in the navigation menu.

It is always good to have changes or try new things in business. That is why web designers are now trying to involve these new ideas of navigation menu in their designing techniques. Apart from great looks these new techniques must have enough functionality. Users should not feel any kind of difficulties in using them. For the novice web designers there are lots of examples in the internet through which they can obtain a clear idea about the various kinds of navigation menus in a process of website design. The perfect use of typography and color make these navigation menus more attractive.

Examples of Navigation Menus in Web Design

Red Tiki

scozzese design

David Navarro





Planilandia Agencia Creativa



Kitchen Sink Studios

Pub Design Agência de Internet

Red Interactive Agency

Small Studio



TAXI Europe


Agence LunaWeb

Massive Digital Creative Agency

Digital One




Aurora Creative Business

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  1. Rachael Feb 16, 12:11 pm

    A few original and different looking designs, here, most of them don’t seem very different or innovative to me. Which doesn’t mean to say of course that the design is bad, just I thought this post would be more based on more creative navigations, things that we haven’t seen much of yet – or something that’s a bit different from the crowd.

    I like the Tommy Design, but that feeds into liking the retro design as a whole. I think my favourite is the metajive one here, simple animation and the look ties in nicely with their brand and logo.

  2. wd Jun 28, 2:28 pm

    Nice sharing.Great collection.I enjoyed reading this post.Navigation is certainly a very important element in web design.Thanks for sharing such a good post.


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