How to Set Up a High Conversion Email Marketing Campaign in 2024


How to Set Up a High Conversion Email Marketing Campaign in 2021

In the new year with new marketing strategies on the horizon, it’s time to dive into ensuring your email marketing campaigns are ready to convert customers. More than half of consumers still want brands to contact them via email as …

Top 18 AI Tools for Marketers to Try in 2024


Top 15 AI Tools for Marketers

With ChatGPT writing for blogs and MidJourney generating jaw-dropping artworks that have already won prestigious prizes, it is no surprise that AI has become the talk of the town. This new stage of evolution in digital tools promises to become …

How to Create and Add Animation GIF in Email Newsletters

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How to Insert and Use Animated GIFs in Email Newsletters

The web is teeming with websites where videos, CSS dynamic effects, and WebGL-powered animations run the show, but what about the email newsletters and GIF images? In most cases, they are created with HTML and CSS, looking almost like a …

Top 10 Constant Contact Alternatives: Finding the Best Email Builder for Your Needs

constant contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing software that has an email builder with hundreds of templates. It comes with a drag-and-drop builder and is mobile-friendly, but it has some major drawbacks. That’s the reason you need a Constant Contact alternative …

Email Signature Design Guide: Best Practices and Examples


Email Signature Design - Guide, Best Practices and Examples

Looking to create a lasting impact with your brand? An effective email signature is your answer. Everyone wants to make a powerful first impression, and an optimized email signature design can help you achieve that. It’s not just about leaving …

Top Web Design Trends 2024


Top Web Design Trends 2024

With a huge emphasis on user behavior and engagement, the web design sphere constantly changes to establish strong brand positioning through web identity, meet the target audience’s needs, and fight tough competition. From small and fleeting solutions to big and …

Welcome Emails – Everything You Must Know [+ Welcome Email Examples]


Welcome Email Newsletters - Essentials and Best Practices

A first impression counts in almost all situations, and email marketing is no exception. While some may think that this impression is primarily produced by the design and content displayed inside the most viewed part of the email newsletter, this …

How to Embed a Custom HTML Email in Gmail

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How to Embed a Custom HTML Email in Gmail

Email is one of the most invaluable and prevalent communication tools in the world. Everyone receives more emails today than ever before. Most of these emails go to the spam folder due to their spammy-look contents. People often forget that …

9 Examples of High Converting Christmas Email Newsletters [+ Subject Lines]


Examples of High Converting Christmas Email Newsletters

It is the most wonderful time of the year, including the email marketing universe. The great thing about Christmas is that subscribers are already primed to make purchases. Everyone is seeking presents for loved ones in December. Therefore, all you …

January Newsletter Ideas and Examples for 2024

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January Email Newsletter Guide: Ideas and Examples

January is a long, tough winter month. We have to begin a New Year, which is a bit scary. The time has come to put away heart-warming Christmas decorations and face the reality of returning to work, sorting taxes, and …