25 Free High Resolution Blurred Backgrounds


Dear readers, today, we have an unusual distribution of free items. Today, you can download for free a large set of blurred backgrounds.

Recently, blurred backgrounds have been very widespread, they have been used for creating backgrounds for websites, applications, infographics, presentations, or just for showing up and beautifully designing one’s work on niche websites on web design.

This package of blurred backgrounds consists of 25 high-resolution images (4000px x 3000px).

The images were created from real photos taken by us in nature, so we have achieved beautiful and natural colors in our images.

You can download these images for free and use them for any purpose, without restrictions.

Free Blurred Backgrounds

Download Blurred Backgrounds


  1. Tara Oct 30, 1:32 pm

    Very good backgrounds, very different and very good quality, thanks. You save my time.

  2. Felix Oct 30, 1:33 pm

    Nice colors, i will use them for my shots on dribbble. Very useful backgrounds!

  3. Daniel Oct 30, 7:21 pm

    Cancel that. I’m trying to download from inside a Govt. network. Therefore.. it won’t work because Dropbox is blocked. Apologizes.

  4. Gomah Oct 30, 8:45 pm

    Nice backgrounds,

    Thank you.

  5. MiraGray Oct 31, 2:53 pm

    Nice, all background images are beautiful. High Resolution Blurred backgrounds are very attractive because it gives the impression that your website looks something edgy and unique.

  6. Yolanda Granados Dec 16, 3:10 pm

    Love them,awesome resource!!Many thanks.

  7. nathan Jan 13, 7:36 pm

    Many thanks for these, great stuff!

  8. Julie Apr 6, 2:12 am

    Great backgrounds, thanks!

  9. emu Aug 21, 8:05 pm

    Awesome background !

    can anybody give me some tutorials links on blurring image like these.
    thank you

  10. Josh Carter May 8, 7:57 pm

    Love them! I saved them a while back but couldn’t find them so just spent an hour looking for them again #Determined Thanks again. I’ve subscribed in case you create any more ;)

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