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Some say it is a universal fraud, nothing more than hype; others consider it to be not just our future but already our present. Whether you like it or not, cryptocurrency has become a part of our life. So, in this showcase, we have decided to include the best designer free cryptocurrency icon packs that you can use in your designs.

“Bitcoin accepted here” is popping up everywhere. More websites, especially those that deal with digital goods, are adding digital currency to payment methods. Among big names are eBay, Amazon, Apple’s App Store, Microsoft, Wikipedia, Steam, Stripe, Shopify and others.

If you believe in the crypto-future or just try to benefit from trends, then you will certainly need graphical stuff to adapt your website. Our collection of free cryptocurrency icon packs is a perfect start.

Truth be told, it was not easy to build. To our surprise, despite the fact that Bitcoin’s growing popularity, there isn’t a lot of good visual material out there. Nevertheless, we found some great choices. Let’s begin with colorful variations like Pack by Myroslav Fanta who did an excellent job by crafting 50 pixel-perfect circular icons covering the most popular cryptocurrencies and The bundle by Christopher Downer who generously gives away nearly 2,000 items. Each is presented in four sizes and two formats.

Colored Icons

Crypto Icons Free Sketch by Myroslav Fanta

Free Cryptocurrency Icons Packs

Cryptocurrency Icons by Cjdowner

Cryptocurrency Icons

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The great thing about colored icons is that the currency is easily recognizable and can be put into action right away.

  • Crypto Icons by Rui Molar, where you can find fully scalable vector icons in three neat styles
  • Icons by Aervea who gives away the bundle of 100 circular icons; each is presented in five formats such as eps, svg, ai, png and sketch and three color choices
  • Crypto Currency Logos Pack by Vladislav Sergeev is available in sketch, ai and eps formats
  • Blockchain Pack by Steven Ankri, who singled out 100 digital currencies and gave each one a neat and clean appearance; icons come in three big sizes (256px, 512px, 1024px)

Crypto Icons by Rui Molar

Crypto icons

Icons by Aervea

Blockchain Icons

Crypto Currency Logos

Crypto Currency Logos

Blockchain Pack by Steven Ankri

Blockchain pack

Cryptocurrency Icons by Junik Studio, Bitcoin Icons by Iconscout and Crypto Icons by icons8 offer graphics in assorted styles.

The first covers 28 digital currencies from Bitcoin to AquariusCoin in 10 different styles resulting in 280 items. Each is provided in four sizes and two formats.

The last two are centered around Bitcoin. There are a dozen styles for displaying it. Also, you can find an accompanying graphics to illustrate data encryption, security, etc.

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Cryptocurrency Icons by Junik Studio

Blockchain pack

Crypto Icons

Crypto Icons

Bitcoin by Iconscout

Bitcoin by Iconscout

One more place to visit for colorful crypto icons is Cryptoicon. It is a small website where you can find stock with unique designs. For example, the image below shows the set styled as buttons.



Monochrome Icons

If you are up for customization, then monochrome graphics can serve as a base for further manipulation. For example, Cryptocurrency by Symbolon is a huge collection of fintech icons made in a black and white color scheme and available in PNG and SVG.

Cryptocurrency by Symbolon


Bitcoin Solid and Bitcoin 2 are packs created by Iconscout that focus primarily on Bitcoin. While the first has a solid flat design, the second uses refined hole shapes.

Bitcoin Solid

Bitcoin Solid

Bitcoin 2 Icons


Other Stylistic Choices

Colored and monochrome are traditional solutions for icons; but, there is always an alternative. For example, Fintech Icon Set gets its beauty from a modern color shifting effect. All the 48 icons are simply fantastic. Or Icons Pack by Iconshock has a smooth cutting-edge feel thanks to a beautiful gradient.

Fintech Icon Set

Fintech Icon Set

Icons by Iconshock

Icons by Iconshock

If you are a fan of the line style, which can be seen in a ton of websites, then take a look at the three packs below. All these freebies skillfully benefit from a refined outlined design.

Cryptocurrency Icons Set by Daviann Bespoke

Cryptocurrency Icons Set

Cryptocurrency Icons Set by Daviann Bespoke demonstrates bitcoin in several general concepts that are modern and sophisticated.

Crypto Currency by Vecteezy

Cryptocurrency Icons

Crypto Currency by Vecteezy is a set of tiny black and white vector icons. It includes six popular cryptocurrencies and several optional icons to illustrate the essence of the cryptography.

Buttons and Logos

36 Retro Bitcoin Logos

The package by Askhat Gromov

The package by Askhat Gromov screams retro vibe on all fronts with its adorable badge-styled interpretation. You can replace text, set color or change size. Eps, png, and ai formats are included.

Bitcoin Label Collection by Freepik

Bitcoin label collection

Bitcoin Label Collection by Freepik is for those who need a quick solution. There are four variations of the sign plaque “Bitcoin accepted here” presented in two color schemes.

The Package by UIfreebies

The package by UIfreebies

The Package by UIfreebies embraces several of the most influential currencies. You will find four logos and four corresponding circular icons in clean vector format.

Web Fonts

Step aside from classic formats and explore unusual ones such as TTF or WOFF. Our list includes three web fonts that can be used to add cryptocurrency to interfaces: Cryptocoins, Cryptofont and Coinicon.



Cryptocoins by Martin Allien is said to be the complete set of currencies. From famous Bitcoin to unheard Byteball, the collection is impressive.



CryptoFont is not a huge collection, yet it still includes 88 icons, including bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ripple, monero, among others. The characters are clean and sharp.



Last but not least is Coinicon. It is a web font with 64 symbols. It is more flexible than other options because it includes not just currencies but also classes for setting size, color and even circular backdrop.


While 2017 was designated the year of Bitcoin; 2018 is expected to be a year of altcoin. Let’s face it, cryptocurrency is big, and it is here. Despite the recent China ban, blockchain managed to preserve its existence.

Believe in it or not – is for you to decide. Only time will tell whether it is a well-planned fraud or the beginning of a completely new era of decentralized payment systems.

Do you use Bitcoin or not? What do you think about this boom around cryptocurrencies?

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