20 Useful CSS Graph and Chart Tutorials and Techniques

An accessible bar chart

CSS3 Graph Animation

CSS3 Bar Graphs

CSS3 bar charts

Animated wicked CSS3 3d bar chart

A Snazzy Animated Pie Chart

How to Create Pie Charts with CSS3

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  1. Johnny Jan 14, 12:30 am

    Very interesting stuff! lovely read. Actually gave me a good idea :]

  2. Mike Jan 14, 6:05 pm

    Some of the charts looks even better than those included in latest Microsoft Office by default.
    Will try to use smashingmagazine’s offered CSS charts to recreate my wordpress stat counter plugin. I think it will perfectly fit the overall UI.
    Adrian thanks for collecting the list!

  3. Ajmal Raza May 17, 6:22 pm

    Have you ever even tried to create your own CSS graph? If you have, you will know how hard it is. Using Flash is one way to go, but you just can’t beat a beautifully crafted CSS Graph. Have a look at these tutorials and techniques.


  4. david Jun 5, 11:55 pm

    Also consider YUI3. It’s an awesome js library from Yahoo and it has some really awesome chart building tools


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