20 Glyph, Symbols and Minimalist Icon Packs

Icons in web design must be chosen carefully in order to convey the right message because the purpose of an icon set is to eliminate the need for text on mobile devices. Icons will help users navigate around your website or application easily, they are effective in breaking down information visually in order for users to understand and access what they require quickly. Using a clean layout with minimal design will help users see and understand the features on you application. For today’s round up we have searched the web to find you an elegant showcase of 20 Glyph, symbols and minimalist icons for your next design project.

When you already have a colour scheme in mind for your application it can be difficult trying to find the right icons on the web and creating icons yourself can be very time consuming. There are various icon sets available in all shapes, sizes, gradients and tones, sometimes its better going for a minimalist look that can be incorporated in to any design. This can save you a lot of time and help to enhance user experience.

It appears glyph monochromic icons are currently a popular trend in web design. Just like other simple and minimalist design, glyph icons are very simple in shape; this makes it easy to adapt them in to any design. You will see a lot of this trend amongst IOS products.

When browsing the icons sets below you will see a consistent pattern of small, simple yet expressive designs that can be used on all website, smart phone and tablet devices.

Glyph, Symbols and Minimalist Icon Packs

Free Mega Pack Vector Icons Set – 129 Clean Icons


106 Pixel Perfect Icons

Minimicons 2nd Edition (PSD)

Tabs – Interface Icons for iOS & Designers

WPZOOM Developer Icon Set (154 free icons)


The Noun Project

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  1. Ldii Jul 31, 7:53 am

    I like All Pack, The favourite is The Noun Project. Thank you for sharing


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