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WP Maintenance Mode Updated with Chatbot Functionality


WP Maintenance Mode is a free and open source “maintenance mode” plugin that packs a lot of features in an easy to use interface. Unlike the basic maintenance functionality available in WordPress, WP Maintenance Mode adds custom text, design options, a countdown option and more.

The plugin can also be used as a coming soon page. Instead of directing visitors to a generic landing page, WP Maintenance Mode has all the functionality needed to establish an effective communication medium with a site’s visitors.

The latest WP Maintenance Mode version adds a much-awaited feature, the chatbot.

WP Maintenance Mode’s New Chatbot Feature

WP Maintenance bot front-end

The latest feature added to WP Maintenance Mode, the bot functionality, can be used to establish a friendly communication channel with visitors. Getting users to subscribe to newsletters is not an easy task.

Instead of passively waiting for the user to subscribe, site owners can use the bot feature to take the initiative and interact with visitors as soon as they land on the page and, subsequently, get them to subscribe to updates.

WP Maintenance bot back-end

The bot comes preconfigured with a set of questions and replies, but site owners can easily customize them. The bot feature can also be used to deliver news, updates, promotions or any other announcements.

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WP Maintenance Features

But WP Maintenance Mode is so much more than a maintenance mode placeholder. In addition to the bot feature, WP Maintenance comes with all the features needed to build an engaging one-page experience.


WP Maintenance maintenance mode

The plugin has all the customization options available in a self-explanatory interface. It takes less than five minutes to configure the plugin. Text colors and backgrounds can be customized with a few clicks.

The built-in background options, which are, by the way, free to use, can be replaced with custom images.

WP Maintenance countdown feature

Also, the plugin can be configured to display a countdown timer. The generated page is mobile friendly and looks consistent across multiple display sizes.


WP Maintenance options

The plugin is designed to work straight out of the box. By default, the coming soon is displayed to all non-administrative users. This behavior can easily be changed to include specific user groups. Also, to avoid getting administrative users getting locked out from the backend, the plugin whitelists administrative pages. Additional URLs can also be whitelisted. For example, custom login-in URLs can be excluded from maintenance mode.

WP Maintenance Mode also supports WordPress Multisite installs. Each WordPress instance can be managed independently and has its own settings.


WP Maintenance comming soon page

For established sites, any downtime equals lost visitors. To minimize this issue, WP Maintenance Mode can be configured to display a contact form or a subscription form. Site owners can use these two tools to keep in touch with their users.

For “coming soon” sites, the subscriber tool can be used to build a newsletters list that can be used to deliver status updates, news and more. Additionally, the built-in module for social icons can be used to redirect visitors to social network pages.

Get WP Maintenance Mode

The plugin is available from the WordPress plugin repository. Because it’s an open-source project, anyone can contribute to the plugin on the GitHub Repo.

So, if you got yourself a shiny new domain, don’t wait for inspiration. Instead, install WP Maintenance Mode, set a countdown, and start building. Success is a few minutes away.

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