40 Free Fonts to Use with @font-face

The @font-face allows the web users to download a specific font from the internet and can install them on your computer. There is no necessity that the web designers need to stick to a particular set of fonts that are already available, they could just choose and download any type of fonts from the webpage. Of course, there are a handful of fonts available on the web but however, the CSS rule of @font-face offers the simplest, strongest, and the most flexible designs of the fonts. Also you need to check which fonts can be legally used and that could be freely accessed.

The fonts are quite easy to use and do not depend on the Java Script as well as supported by majority of the web users. There are few important things that are needed to be considered while downloading the fonts such as caliber, resolution, aesthetics and size. It is advisable to use the fonts that are above fourteen points so that the content is clearly visible to everyone.

In case you are working with digital devices, the resolution must be 72 dpi and 96 dpi resolution for the Microsoft monitors. You need to be very cautious about this aspect because if you download 96 dpi to a 72 dpi monitor, it may look larger when compared. In case the content is for computers and digital devices, try to choose Sans Serif Fonts. Avoid fonts that are too ornamental or that have striking colors or overlight backgrounds because the users may not be able to rescale it. Most of the fonts available at @font-face are licensed and compatible for commercial projects.

The @font-face was created years ago but it was supported by the browsers only recently. You can embed beautiful fonts from here and has the following extensions like *.eot (Embedded Open Type Microsoft), *.svg Scalable Vector Graphics (XML web graphics iPhone), *.woff Web Open Font Format (Mozilla), and *.ttf standard TrueType font. You can start using these fonts as a web designer, your life totally changes and becomes easier and it also gives a better impact towards your career. For better communication and designing, the complete knowledge about the fonts is truly essential for the web designers.

Free Fonts for @font-face


Afta Sans


Lacuna Regular



Droid Serif

EB Garamond

Galatia SIL

DejaVu Sans Mono

Hattori Hanzo








League Gothic

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  1. Dietmar Dec 21, 1:47 pm

    great collection, but especially for me as I come from Germany there are some fonts without any special characters (e.g. Chunk and Bebas). Although they are really great but useless for me…

  2. Design Lady Dec 23, 4:54 am

    Nice article but it’s hard to take seriously when you don’t know the difference between dots per inch and pixels per inch. The two aren’t interchangeable.


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