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Thanks to the sudden increase in the sale of smartphones, tablet devices such as iPads, the last decade has seen an increase in the development of various types of connecting devices with people accessing as well as experiencing the world of web in various different ways. Let us discuss in nutshell about the various types of spin-offs that are infused by HTML5 Boilerplate templates and tutorials.

The experience of browsing has also seen a sea change over the last, much due the development of the JavaScript frameworks and CSS3 & HTML5. It’s an exciting time to be developing or designing for the web.

When we can talk about Boilerplate, it is undoubtedly one of the most attractive new projects that are designed to give the designers as well as developers a particular template to integrate HTML5 as well as the other features into various sites.

About HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML5 Boilerplate as designed and developed by Paul Irish & Divya Manian. It is basically a product that took more than two years to develop it is basically deigned to support the best available practices as well as techniques for creating various cross-browser websites which are compatible and which will operate in synch with the legacy browsers besides being ready for HTML5.

Technically speaking, HTML5 Boilerplate is actually not a framework but a specific template that can be tailored and utilized for certain specific projects. Users have the option of using varying amount of these boilerplate and have the liberty of doing their own additions and alterations. All said and done, HTML5 Boilerplate perhaps have the most apt as well as well-commented starting points that are available for the purpose of designing a rock solid HTML5 base for the projects.

The most important feature of HTML5 Boilerplate is that the source can be explicitly derived under the license of a particular public domain. This domain can be used as well as integrated into various projects in a way the user might want to and nowadays a huge of projects use HTML5 Boilerplate besides other types of techniques when being developed.

As a result, a ton of awesome projects have already used alongside other techniques.

There are certain types of HTML5 Boilerplate templates on GitHub that can be used for watching, forking and commenting pleasure. These boilerplate help to design the latest changes, besides helping users to ask questions & provide different suggestions. Another set of minute screencast tutorial HTML5 Boilerplate created have all the standard features and they offer some spectacular options and tips to the users

Certain HTML5 Boilerplate with CSS frameworks features This makes adding to Boilerplate while creating the best effects. Another HTML5 Boilerplate with a WordPress theme combines HTML5 Boilerplate and the framework theme of Thematic WordPress into one. A number of elements of the newly default WordPress 3.0 theme TwentyTen have also been infused.

This is indeed a matter of great excitement to see that the technique of HTML5 Boilerplate has gained newer heights of late and users all over the world nowadays consider this particular technique while their projects and they have chosen to integrate this template into their projects.

This particular technology has provided a perfect launching pad or starting point (whatever you say) for all the designers and developers who are persuading a career in designing and all who do not have enough time to gather all the bits and pieces of information from various sources and put them together when they start off working with HTML5. This is indeed a new beginning for them as well as those who have been working in this profile for a number of years.

HTML5 Boilerplate Templates

A rock-solid default for HTML5 awesome.

Semantic HTML Templates for HTML5 Boilerplate

Easy HTML5 Template


HTML5 Reset

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    I have used HTML5 Reset before and it was handy and helpful.

  2. Paul Jun 9, 12:00 pm

    Only used HTML5 boilerplate before what other ones do you recommend?


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