25+ Incredible Vexel Art Illustrations

I’m sure that you’ve heard of vector art and that you have probably seen some beautiful illustrations and designs made by using this creative and always somewhat different form of graphic design. Ok, so there’s a new trend in this domain that’s called Vexel. It somehow improves the illustration by adding a marvellous sense of depth and volume to it, which is pretty difficult to achieve, if not out of question, with just vector.

So, in the showcase we’re presenting today you will see some pretty amazing vexel art illustrations and maybe, it will be possible to sense the difference between these two techniques. Although both are pixel-based, they use different kinds of layers. To create vectors there are used vector layers, but in the case of vexels, the layers used are raster type, which give an exclusively wonderful aspect to the image in comparison with vector-based illustrations.  Most vexel art illustrations are designed at very high resolution, as their use, in spite of giving the image an incredible aspect, tend to reduce the scalability of the illustration if it is to be printed, this being one little shortcoming for vexel-art.

Ok, enough conversation, here’s the showcase comprising 25+ incredible vexel art illustrations for your enjoyment and inspiration. I’m sure that you’ll find this form of graphing design breath-taking and will wish to find out more about it. But for now, take a look at these illustrations.

Vexel Art Illustrations

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  1. Jahangir Jun 29, 11:03 pm

    I like vexel art more than normal vector art. It looks more interesting to me :)

    Some of the vexel portraits you shared are looking so realistic.

  2. Adriana Jun 30, 11:17 am

    This was a very interesting article to read and to look at, congrats! :) I just love the image with the girl who looks like a fish and the fish bowl, I think I looked at it for 2 minutes :)

  3. K S Ruprai Jun 30, 12:47 pm

    Wow. These take me back to the good ol’ days – when vexels.net was around.

    Some seriously cool pieces here. The Kelly Carlson has to be my fav one tho. he he.

  4. aledesign.it Jun 30, 1:28 pm

    Amazing, nice, excellent, fabulous, fantastic, incredibles post and illustrations.. Wonderful. Kelly Carson is like a photo! Perfect! Thanks for inspiration

  5. WebHustler Sep 23, 7:30 pm

    wow wow wow! tjo very nice pics wow! i luv the rihanna one, but ol of them are beautiful! who is doing this work? might ask them to design a logo for my blog if it wont cost a fortune :)


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