Free Shopping Cart, Payment and Other E-commerce Icons

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The friendlier the interface to targeted audiences, the better chance you will have to increase conversion rates and generate greater profit. Icons play a vital role in creating a comfortable environment for potential customers. They indicate function and unambiguously communicate meaning. Not only do they look coherent across various devices providing consistency in style, but they also add to the aesthetics, making design eye-pleasing, intuitive and modern. They can speed up surfing by offering visitors visual cues.

There are many benefits of putting the effort into choosing icons that are active, meaningful and intentional.

We have gathered 20 free and fresh bundles of e-commerce icons, in several trendy styles. As a rule, each package includes common elements such as shopping carts, bags, credit cards, receipts, currencies, money, baskets, and tags, yet there are some that will surprise you with original items.

Free E-commerce Icons

Responsive E-Commerce Icon Set

Free eCommerce Icons

The key feature of the collection is that it is supposed to work with three different device sizes: desktop, tablet and mobile. Thus, in the package you will find icons in three different sizes (16x16px, 32x32px, 64x64px). They vary in appearance with the biggest as the most detailed, while the smallest one is a primitive vector shape.

E-commerce Icon Set

eCommerce Icon Set

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E-commerce Icon Set includes almost 20 outstanding flat illustrations that look great on any background. They are bright, stylish and visually appealing. You can choose among four available formats (AI, EPS, SVG, PDF).



UIcons features a massive assortment of icons that are broken into various categories, including e-commerce. They are neat, pixel-perfect and sleek. Being fully vector they can be easily scaled to any size, remaining sharp and sweet. There are three predefined dimensions that can be used straight away.

E-commerce Vector Icons

eCommerce Vector Icons

The package consists of 40 carefully designed items. You may easily adjust stroke width making symbols look visually weighty or vice versa slimmer and more subtle. There are three default color options (green, purple and mixed) and three formats (AI, EPS, PDF). Use them to make an interface clean and informative.

450 Outline Icons


The freebie is huge: it includes more than 400 icons that are made in one direction, style and color. The outline shape gives each item a slick and crisp outward. The e-commerce category covers all the essential elements starting from shopping cart and ending with a currency symbol. Designed for iOS, they are available in two sizes (22x22px and 44x44px) and three formats (AI, EPS, PNG).

Free E-commerce Icons

Free eCommerce Icons

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Free E-commerce Icons look a bit oversimplified, yet they go perfectly well with e-commerce interfaces that have a businesslike air. Three-tone coloring makes each tiny image look tidy, balanced and a bit formal. There are 12 objects that visualize common stuff such as credit cards, shopping cart, check, payment, price tag and others.

Icons Free E-commerce

Icons Free Ecommerce

The artist combines flat and line style resulting in a pretty nifty product. The collection looks slightly offbeat yet eye-catching. A long five o’clock shadow adds charm to the appearance. You can grab 15 circular illustrations in AI, PNG, and SVG formats and use them under the Creative Commons license.

E-commerce Icons

e-Commerce Icons

E-commerce Icons come in two styles (filled and outlined) that represent selected and default states. Although the freebie is not big — it includes just 10 icons — the icons are are universal and will easily find application in any interface.

36 E-commerce Icons

36 e-Commerce Icons

Made with pixel perfection in mind, this set of icons is ideal for any modern project that needs to accommodate various screen sizes. While a rosette-inspired backdrop with default coloring gives each item a retro zest, casual solid shapes make the package more generic.

35 Flat E-commerce Icons

35 Flat E-Commerce Icons

35 Flat E-commerce Icons feel boxy, rustic and contemporary. Flat style in tandem with a bright color scheme produces a pleasant aesthetic. Among the 35 items, you will find a calculator, credit cards, payment methods, shopping cart, price tags and other stuff.

Shop Icons

Shop Icons

Shop Icons have a feeling of a typical road sign. They are simple, intuitive and eye-pleasing. The circular shape and simple forms make it applicable for different concepts. There are two styles, 17 icons and two file types (SVG and PNG).

Buy Icons by HevnGrafix Creative

Various Purchase/Buy Icons by HevnGrafix Creative

They are tiny, but amusing and refreshing. Each item is detailed and crisp. The set includes eight different takes on a buy button, where each specimen ships with two styles (contour and solid), one size and two formats (AI and EPS).

Shopping and E-commerce Icons

Shopping and E-commerce Icons

Shopping and E-commerce Icons are a fusion of line style and flat style that are enhanced with nominal soft pastel coloring. They are fun and friendly. The collection has 21 objects, including wallet, barcode, clothes hanger and others.

Free Shopping Cart Icons

Free Shopping Cart Icons

Free Shopping Cart Icons are well-suited to modern projects with an elegant line style design, clean shapes and a minimum of details. Made with responsiveness in mind, they look sharp in small and big sizes. The collection contains 15 elements.

E-commerce Icons

eCommerce Icons

The author created 45 objects that blend in any e-commerce site with ease. Inspired by the elegance of the iPhone’s control center, the figures look polished, crisp and subtle. They are pixel perfect and snap to a grid. Each is delivered in five formats — EPS, SVG, AI, PSD and PNG.

45 Outline E-commerce Icons

45 Outline E-commerce Icons

Unlike the previous example, this set of icons feels relatively big, wide and massive. Using just vital details for each component, the artist crafts a clean, neat and intelligible product. You can change to a 2px stroke, adjust the color and even add extra details with the help of Photoshop or Illustrator.

Apps And Products Features Free Icon Set

Apps And Products Features Free Icon Set

The collection is a mix of graphical material that is suitable for promoting and selling various digital products. Along with classic symbols such as payment or shopping cart, you can find some specific elements such as cloud storage or tablet designs.

Bank and Money Icons

Bank and Money Icons

The assortment of 36 icons includes visual representations of various services and processes inherent to bank sphere. It is not exactly what is needed for all e-commerce projects, however, there are some items that expand functionality, add a twist to your interface and make some functions more evident.


Line style still rules the roost. The majority of the free icon packs above are made in this direction. The designers prefer to craft elegant contour graphics that in some cases have an accompanying solid version. Though, to be honest, bright flat tiny illustrations are just as good.

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