40 Free Fonts to Use with @font-face

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The @font-face allows the web users to download a specific font from the internet and can install them on your computer. There is no necessity that the web designers need to stick to a particular set of fonts that are already available, they could just choose and download any type of fonts from the webpage. Of course, there are a handful of fonts available on the web but however, the CSS rule of @font-face offers the simplest, strongest, and the most flexible designs of the fonts. Also you need to check which fonts can be legally used and that could be freely accessed.

The fonts are quite easy to use and do not depend on the Java Script as well as supported by majority of the web users. There are few important things that are needed to be considered while downloading the fonts such as caliber, resolution, aesthetics and size. It is advisable to use the fonts that are above fourteen points so that the content is clearly visible to everyone.

In case you are working with digital devices, the resolution must be 72 dpi and 96 dpi resolution for the Microsoft monitors. You need to be very cautious about this aspect because if you download 96 dpi to a 72 dpi monitor, it may look larger when compared. In case the content is for computers and digital devices, try to choose Sans Serif Fonts. Avoid fonts that are too ornamental or that have striking colors or overlight backgrounds because the users may not be able to rescale it. Most of the fonts available at @font-face are licensed and compatible for commercial projects.

The @font-face was created years ago but it was supported by the browsers only recently. You can embed beautiful fonts from here and has the following extensions like *.eot (Embedded Open Type Microsoft), *.svg Scalable Vector Graphics (XML web graphics iPhone), *.woff Web Open Font Format (Mozilla), and *.ttf standard TrueType font. You can start using these fonts as a web designer, your life totally changes and becomes easier and it also gives a better impact towards your career. For better communication and designing, the complete knowledge about the fonts is truly essential for the web designers.

Free Fonts for @font-face


Aaargh by Tup Wanders is a classic sans serif font whose beauty lies in functionality since it is an ideal choice for displaying long copy. It has just one style (regular) and 129 glyphs that are presented in uppercase and lowercase. Although the number of glyphs is not impressive, yet, it supports various languages from English to Swahili and Zulu.

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Afta Sans

Afta Sans comes with 219 basic glyphs and two common styles (italic and regular). Its smooth lines make it look elegant and delicate though it remains sharp and legible when it comes to showing the content of different length. It speaks numerous languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Swedish, and others. Note, it is available under OFL license


Amaranth has a more weighty and solid look in comparison to the previous two examples. It has roots in Sans Serif type family so that it is widely used to display text on the browser and mobile screens. It ships with four styles (regular, italic, bold and bold italic) and more than two hundred glyphs covering alphabet symbols and punctuation marks.

Lacuna Regular

Lacuna Regular is chic and graceful thanks to visually blacker type color, a feature that is inherent to sans serif fonts. It works equally good whether you employ it to show copy or headlines. It has two options: regular and italic and contains a total of 236 glyphs, including syntax symbols and alternate characters. You can write in Latin-based West and Central European languages.


Nobile has a subtle artistic flavor that enriches appearance of this vivid representative of sans serif family. It is delivered in six styles: regular, italic, medium italic, bold, bold italic. A number of glyphs vary from 344 to 490, so that it is quite universal when it comes to displaying copy and a bit limited when it is needed to set titles apart from the content flow. It supports a ton of languages including Czech, Turkish and Belarusian.

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Artifika is classified as a traditional Serif font with beautiful strokes that add an extra elegance and chic to the letterforms. It is presented only in a medium style that thanks to relatively thick lines are suitable for decorating headlines and giving a small copy more visual weight. There are 258 symbols covering integral characters, punctuation marks, and alternative uppercase letters with sleek swashes.

Droid Serif

Droid Serif is a marvelous typeface that has a subtle high-tech vibe that was created to meet Android platform. It is available in four styles from regular to bold italic and includes more than eight hundred symbols including such integral and functional items as the alternative alphabet, digits, punctuation marks, and even Cyrillic symbols in uppercase and lowercase to speak Eastern European languages.

EB Garamond

EB Garamond is a revamped version of the popular typeface of the 16-mid century. A scan of a specimen served as a source for this reproduction. George Duffner has crafted this type with love. It comprises seven styles that can be broken into two categories: regular and italic. Some options include more than two thousand glyphs, while others offer more than three thousand symbols, thereby making the typeface a universal tool for displaying text of any kind and any length.

Galatia SIL

Galatia SIL is a serif typeface that is appropriate for providing content with a structured and well-formatted look as well as improving readability of the project. It comes only in regular and bold variants, however, it is sufficient to fulfill its primary task. It has 709 symbols that let co-work with various languages of Eastern and Western European groups.

DejaVu Sans Mono

DejaVu Sans Mono is a generic monospaced sharp Sans Serif typeface that has a tech feeling. It gets its neat, original appearance as well as subtle beauty from Bitstream Vera Font. It comes in four styles and a bunch of glyphs that let express thoughts in all sorts of languages covering Cyrillic and Latin writing systems.

Hattori Hanzo

Although Hatori Hanzo is one of Sans Serif representatives, yet it does not look boring at all. It is marked by delicate and refined lines that create smooth and delicate letterforms. There are ultra thin light version and an italic version with a beautiful calligraphy appeal. Roman Shamin has crafted 223 glyphs that are suitable for typing in different Latin-based languages.


Circle has a bit sprawling and elongated look, yet it still stays refined and polished. With seven styles, you will be able to adapt it to numerous needs. For example, you can choose a regular option to display long copy or opt in favor of a shadow option and give titles a retro appeal and artistic flavor.


Quicksand is a fragile contemporary Sans Serif typeface by Andrew Paglinawan that is able to make titles look outstanding. It ships with six standard styles and extra fancy one that is made with the help of dashes. Unfortunately, there is only fundamental set of glyphs that let speak in Western European languages.


Bebas is bold and weighty, exactly what is needed to separate titles from the content flow in a non-intrusive manner. This all caps, condensed font, comes only in one style and includes 101 glyphs. It enables to manipulate with letters of English alphabet, digits and a standard selection of punctuation marks to improve comprehension of the text.


Chunk, much like the previous example, is targeted at displaying headlines so that its potential is quite limited. This is a massive and slab serif typeface with a fancy note. It goes well with retro projects and interfaces that are based on natural textures.


Raleway is a classy and graceful geometric sans serif typeface that is universal. Although it has only one style yet the glyph coverage is quite impressive. There are old style numerals, standard and discretionary ligatures, a bunch of diacritics, stylistic alternate and, of course, a set of integral symbols.


Junction has a subtle sense of human touch. It is a sans serif font that features beautiful curves and smooth lines. It has three styles ( light, regular and bold) and international support so that you can write in almost any foreign language without problems.


Prociono by Barry Schwartz is based on an optimal balance of serifs. Depending on the weight and style, it can be used both for copy and headlines. It comprises all the required glyphs to write in different languages from Roman family as well as add clarity to the copy through syntax. There are also extra blackletter elements.

League Gothic

League Gothic is a perfect instrument for enriching posters. It is bold, original with a subtle note of old-timey feeling. This is revised and improved version of a classic font of early 20th century. It has a multi-language support and ships with a ton of glyphs and extra styles such as italic and condensed.

Ostrich San

Ostrich San has a strong decorative feeling that meets modern trends. Covering all the essential glyphs to work with various languages it offers eight styles and weights including such decorative variants as dashed, inline or ultra light to stand out from the content and lay emphasis on titles.


Fanwood is another fascinating font in our collection that was skillfully revised and brought to life. It has some beautiful finishing strokes that make the text blend and look classy and human like. It offers Roman and italic styles. Created with e-books in mind, it helps to improve readability and visually embellish stories presented in digital format.

Linden Hil

Linden Hil is a generic geometric serif font that is available in OpenType Format. It comprises uppercase letters and lowercase letters. The latter has a personality and a subtle calligraphy appeal. The regular option also bears some elegance and charisma.

Sorts Mill Goudy

Sorts Mill Goudy has a decorative nature that manifests itself in uppercase letters. The main features are

  • old style figures;
  • lining figures;
  • fractions;
  • ligatures;
  • case-sensitive forms;
  • superscripts, and subscripts.

Nevertheless, despite such a rich variety, it supports only languages that utilize Latin script.


Anovers is a stylish, contemporary, reliable font that is spruced up with some great OpenType features. It is delivered with

  • contextual alternates;
  • ligatures;
  • fractions;
  • different numerals including old style ones.

There are three basic variants (regular, italic and bold) and an extra small caps option.


Museo is a semi slab-serif typeface that has gorgeous letterforms full of elegance and subtlety. It has five weights: three of them are free while the rest two are paid options. Comes with

  • a support of CE languages;
  • case-sensitive feature;
  • stylistic alternates;
  • fractions;
  • ligatures;
  • tabular figures.

it is able to display any content in a pleasant fashion.

Museo Slab

Museo Slab is a more massive and weighty sister font of the previous example that is enhanced by decorative touches. Much like the classic Museo, it owns a considerable potential. It is a complete OpenType font. The key features are

  • 12 carefully crafted styles from ultra thin to extra bold;
  • 455 glyphs including superiors, numerators, proportional lining figures, case sensitive forms and others;
  • support of a broad range of languages.

Franchise Bold

Franchise Bold is tailored to instantly draw the attention to the message. It boasts of uniformity, optimal kerning and regular spacing. Ships with light, regular and bold options, it comprises 220 glyphs including symbols, punctuation marks, and extra glyphs. It also works with various languages from Albanian to Swedish.


Jura transforms any headline into an exquisite and polished piece of writing. Tiny but beautiful and eye-catching details endow the typeface with a marvelous decorative feel. It offers four variants such as regular, italic, bold, and bold italic. The drawback lies in language support since glyph coverage allows cooperating only with Latin scripts.


Nevis is a robust angular typeface with a strong geometric nature that provides headlines and short copy with clarity and sharpness regardless of size. It is also an optimal tool for displaying titles in components of a small size, such as buttons. As the author stated, it looks exceptionally good in all caps and maintains a friendly note all the time.


Akashi is decorated with a subtle futuristic motif that is appropriate for cosmic and high-tech environments. It has a medium weight so that titles and headlines easily benefit from it. There are symbols of English alphabet, traditional digits, and several punctuation marks.


Code is ultra refined and extra thin typeface that gets its beauty from round shape. It exudes an image of sophistication and exclusivity. Thanks to its origin, it is associated with energy and dynamics inherent to luxurious sports cars. It features bold and light versions, almost two hundred glyphs and support of Central European languages.


Dekar has a geometric atmosphere. It is sleek, clean and delicate. Character set counts 162 vigilantly executed glyphs with manual kerning and proper spacing. From Catalan to Welsh, it communicates messages without hitch. The only drawback is that it does not have stylistic and alternative symbols.


Telegraphico by Salvi Nicoloso has Italian roots so that it is not surprising that symbols charm with elegant forms, thin spines, and modern appearance. It is available in TTF format. The major flaw is a lack of variety, since the typeface is presented only in uppercase, covers only English alphabet and can be used freely for personal projects.


Kilogram is a slightly improved and enhanced version of Anagram by Nick Curtis. It looks so massive and loud that letterings or titles made in it will simply scream out at the viewers. It is available in OpenType format and has only integral characters, digits and syntax glyphs. The font is well suited to poster designs, booklets, magazines and other print media stuff.

St Marie

St Marie by Sascha Timplan is a sleek, thin and contemporary typeface with a taste. Beautiful serifs reveal its decorative nature. It writes in uppercase and lowercase letters as well as contains numerals, and basic punctuation marks such as comma, brackets, semi-colon, asterisk and even Dollar sign.


Paranoid is a splendid geometric display typeface that naturally combines line style and solid details. Circles and triangles are main visual driving forces. The type stands out from the crowd with its original and intricate appearance. It includes uppercase and lowercase letter set and various punctuation marks. It is available for personal projects.


Covering vivid representatives of Serif and Sans-serif typeface families, we tried to offer you a great variety of options. Each example has its unique letterforms, glyph coverage, style variants, and weights. They may look alike at first, yet after the second glance it becomes obvious that each one is suited to its purposes and has its own advantages.

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