January Newsletter Ideas and Examples for 2024

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January is a long, tough winter month. We have to begin a New Year, which is a bit scary. The time has come to put away heart-warming Christmas decorations and face the reality of returning to work, sorting taxes, and preparing for two months of darkness and cold. Explore advanced January newsletter ideas to optimize audience engagement with cutting-edge content, strategic seasonal insights, and compelling updates for the new year.

From a marketing point of view, the second month of the winter is not any better. Customers are recovering from the holiday rush, sales, and festivities, which have exhausted their buying potential and nullified their eagerness to purchase anything. Plus, many struggle with savings.

However, this does not mean you should halt your email marketing activities. They should keep going because the middle of the coldest season is the perfect opportunity to connect with your audience on a personal level, reinforce relationships, nurture your loyal fans, acquire new leads, try something fresh, treat your subscribers with valuable stuff, and convert customers.

There are many creative email marketing campaigns to ring in the new year and small yet significant events to continue the conversation with prospects and customers to grow your business presence in this old yet still popular communication channel.

Let’s consider some great ideas to try in January and explore the best examples in the niche to see how other companies fight this tricky month.

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January Email Newsletter Ideas

January certainly comes with challenges in both personal and professional lives. No matter your niche, industry, company size, or target audience, you will likely experience a dip in the first month of the year. Many reasons underlie this drop in sales: the Christmas season depleted customers’ buying potential.

The good news is that your company may avoid stagnation. There are many great marketing opportunities to kick off a new year with a good start and move towards your long-term goals. However, investing time and energy into your marketing plan early is important to meet the coldest and saddest season fully prepared.

Let’s begin with listing holidays and observances that your company may use as an excuse to reach your target audience through the email marketing channel.

  • New Year (January 1)
  • Emancipation Proclamation Day (January 1)
  • National Science Fiction Day (January 2)
  • National Spaghetti Day (January 4)
  • Trivia Day (January 4)
  • National Take Down the Christmas Tree Day (January 6)
  • Technology Day (January 6)
  • National Bittersweet Chocolate Day (January 10)
  • Cut Your Energy Costs Day (January 10)
  • Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution Day (January 12)
  • Make Your Dream Come True Day (January 13)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (third Monday)
  • Religious Freedom Day (January 16)
  • Nothing Day (January 16)
  • National Popcorn Day (January 19)
  • National Hugging Day (January 21)
  • Compliment Day (January 24)
  • Spouse’s Day (January 26)
  • National Chocolate Cake Day (January 27)
  • Data Privacy Day (January 28)

January is also considered to be:

  • Get a Balanced Life Month
  • National Get Organized Month
  • International Creativity Month
  • Reach Your Potential Month
  • National Train Your Dog Month

This is enough to enrich your marketing plan with some valid opportunities. For instance, several “delicious” events like National Chocolate Cake Day, National Popcorn Day, and National Hot Tea Day can make subscribers’ lives sweeter.

There are also some hilarious observances like Nothing Day and Trivia Day, inspiring events like Make Your Dream Come True Day, and opportunities to raise your brand profile on Compliment Day or Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution Day.

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January Email Newsletter Guide

Email marketing calendar by Louise Myers

Popular Marketing Ideas

New Year and a fresh start are the main themes of January. You can plan various email marketing activities around these two, but you are not limited to them. Let’s consider other small yet good and viable marketing ideas to run in the middle of the winter.

Support inclusion and diversity

Emancipation Proclamation Day and Religious Freedom Day are two events to focus on. Segment your audience properly and show appreciation to play an integral part in the community.

Send inspirational emails

January is an official month of creativity, reaching your potential, and getting a balanced life. Share tips and stories to inspire your subscribers to channel their efforts in the right direction, run their imaginations wild, and unlock their true potential.

Thank your subscribers

National Compliment Day is a good excuse to tell your fans how much they mean to you. Create a short, heart-warming note with a personalized offer.

Share recipes and tips to stay healthy

If you cannot tie your brand into the tips you share, you can use this topic as a follow-up for a New Year’s Resolution campaign.

Start a conversation

Get to Know Your Customer Day is a great opportunity to reconnect with your audience and cement your relationships with them.

Add some fun

National Have Fun at Work Day, celebrated on the last Friday of the month, gives companies a chance to end the month positively and make their subscribers’ lives brighter and merrier.

Ask your audience about pain points

On January 7, people observe an interesting event: I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore Day. It is a great chance to ask your audience what features your product should have to address their issues successfully.

Announce a referral or loyalty program

The new year is a new beginning and way to appreciate your customers and expand your services or products. Start a loyalty program with a special bonus.

Create a month-long campaign

Use one month-long holiday as a foundation for your email marketing activities. There are several great opportunities with a positive tone to exploit.

Run a post Christmas campaign

It never hurts to prolong Christmas festivities. The celebratory vibes are in the air, whereas people are still in the right mood, so you may easily strike the right chord and underlie a solid foundation for strong and healthy relationships with them by sending post Christmas emails. They can be informative or promotional – your choice.

January Email Newsletter

Email from Winc

High-Converting Email Ideas for January

New Year’s Day

The New Year is one of the biggest holidays. It is all about parties, farewells for the old year, and quality time with friends and family. From the marketing point of view, it marks the end of the Christmas sale season. Although customers are exhausted, companies can still maintain the momentum they built during that period.

Without a doubt, this will be hard. With the first day officially known as National Hangover Day, your customers may not be in the mood to read your email. However, you will certainly emerge victorious if you segment your audience correctly, figure out the right email cadence, and develop a strong subject line and valuable content. Here are some time-proven ideas for running email marketing campaigns dedicated to the New Year.

Happy New Year Wishes

A simple appreciation email congratulating your subscribers on the new year goes a long way. Make the message short and sweet. Add celebratory vibes through visuals or interactive components. Although it is highly recommended to avoid promotions not to sound cynical, you may adopt a subtle way of incorporating one or two products into your digital card as decor.

January Email Newsletter Guide: Ideas

Email from Headspace

Holiday Recaps and Roundups

Holiday recaps and roundups are a great way to increase loyalty, drive engagement, and build a community around your brand and holiday. Ask your subscribers to share their best moments from parties, run a funny poll or contest, or come up with a list of products, ideas, or tips to help your customers remember this unique festive vibe.

Alternatively, you may recap last year to help your target audience cherish the memories for much longer. Focus on what mattered most to them last year, properly segment the subscription list, and hyper-personalize email to speak directly to each individual.

For more ideas, check out our New Year or winter email campaign guides.

New Year Resolution

New Year and new beginnings are the main topics of January. The best part is that New Year is the first day of the month, so you may immediately jump on this bandwagon. Even though, according to stats, only 10% will achieve their goals, people are eager to make resolutions again. For some, it is even a ritual. As for your business, when people are already “primed” to feel a certain way, you must meet them halfway and join in that emotion.

A New Year resolution campaign should be in your marketing plan. It is a great opportunity to connect with your customers personally, help them improve their lives, and unobtrusively promote your business.

There are plenty of tactics to exploit. However, if you do not have much capacity, you should focus on top lists. Whether it is a top list of advice to have a fresh start with their health, diet, and wellness, a top list of products to fight SAD symptoms, or a top list of destinations for summer vacation to travel more, people will certainly love them.

Alternatively, you may send a motivational letter to each person highlighting their achievements. Make the copy short yet to the point. Focus on inspiring the recipient right from the doorstep by using an encouraging subject line with personalization. If you can unobtrusively work out a special offer, do it. Something like “Enjoy this 25% off sports equipment to hit your new year target faster” will certainly be appreciated by the person.

New Year Resolution

Email from Withings

New Arrivals

The first month of the year prides itself on an undeniable atmosphere of fresh starts. The new arrivals campaign perfectly fits this ideology, customers’ moods, and sentiments. The time has come to get your audience in the loop and drive repeat purchases by spreading excitement about new arrivals.

A new arrival campaign is also a great opportunity to show your customers that your business craves to meet customers’ needs and interests by constantly working to improve and expand its offerings and products.

You must play smart when notifying your audience that there’s something new on your shelves. After all, the shopping season is over, and payday is far away. Professional marketers recommend running a weekly or even monthly campaign. This way, the company will have enough time to build anticipation, demonstrate the potential and beauty of new products, and finally convert customers at the end of the month when they already have some money to burn.

Use Postcards to make the central email that promotes new arrivals impressive and consistent across devices. Include attractive product images with brief descriptions and active links to the product pages. Adopt the inverted pyramid principle to intensify its beauty. On top of that, adding pricing info and special offers or discounts is crucial to incentivize customers to place an order.

New Arrivals

Email from Dior

Winter Season Sale

For many countries, winter sales start at the beginning of January. They last several weeks and, most importantly, work for every niche and target audience. Follow these tips and approaches to nail this type of campaign:

  • Implement a coziness theme.
  • Evoke the feeling of comfort.
  • Garnish emails with winter vibes.
  • Open write discounts and special offers.
  • Frame products around the season; otherwise, build an association between your products and winter.
  • Add social proof by calling your products “the most wanted” or “selling fast.”
  • Evoke immediacy and a sense of urgency.
  • Show products that solve customers’ winter-related problems.
  • Use humor and opt in favor of fun content.

Start with a series of promotional emails and end it with a follow-up based on the customer’s purchasing history and website activity.

January Email Newsletter Examples

Email from Danner

Coming Soon

January is the best month for starting your teaser email campaigns dedicated to the spring season or something new. Tired of winter and eagerly waiting for warmth and bright colors in nature, people easily fall for such type of campaign.

However, do not start it right at the beginning of the year; wait until the middle of the month, when winter blues peak. Coming soon campaigns are fun to engage and build excitement.

These campaigns can capture the reader attention, generate customer interest and make them eager to learn more. You may offer a pre-order option, early-bird access or discount, or a teaser of what shoppers can expect. Use it for new product launches, promotion announcements, or event invitations.

Planning out the teaser campaign in January in advance is crucial. Turn it into a series of newsletters. Ensure all items in a sequence are cohesive, complement each other, and build anticipation by dragging customers into the story gradually and unobtrusively.

Email from Jeni's

Email from Jeni’s

Subject Line Ideas for January Newsletters

January Slogans and Headlines

The second month of winter is connected with one of the coldest periods during the year. Everyone wants to get cozy. Outside activities are for brave and daring ones. At the same time, blues and SAD symptoms are getting tougher. There is even a day called Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. By the way, you may use it as a perfect excuse to connect with your target audience with some mood-raising email.

As for holidays, January has only one big event, the New Year. However, even though it takes place right at the beginning of the month, its powerful festive vibe and spirit of a new beginning can be felt for the next 30 days. Plus, some small yet significant events can be used to connect with the target audience.

These factors influence the choice of campaigns, slogans, and headlines for body copy. Consider some fantastic examples that may inspire you to create creative January email newsletters.

  • You can’t get too much winter in the winter.
  • Winter is the time for home.
  • There is nothing like staying home.
  • No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. Enjoy the season.
  • Let it snow.
  • It all started with the snow.
  • A snow that made the happy happier, and the giddy even giddier.
  • It is love at frost sight.
  • Some products are worth melting for.
  • Start the year with unbeatable deals!
  • Bundle up your savings!
  • New year, new savings!
  • New Year, New Deals: January Spectacular!
  • Welcome to January – the month of new beginnings!
  • What if every day would be January 1?
  • Today is a good day to try something new.
  • Little January is always full of fun.
  • January is Like Monday… But longer
  • Start to miss Complaining About the Heat?
  • A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step in January.
  • January is the perfect time to start afresh.
  • The magic of new beginnings is here.
  • Dear January, I’m ready for ya.
  • January Hashtags

The importance of social media is hard to oversell. It is the most influential tool that marketers have these days. Over 4.89 billion social media users spend over 151 minutes daily on platforms. It comes as no surprise that this communication channel has recently overtaken paid search as an advertising channel. The best part is that you may also use its power in email campaigns. Along with aligning your newsletters with social media strategy, you should introduce hashtags.

Hashtags are great ways to show that your email is a part of a larger discussion. They can increase engagement, attract new leads from alternative sources, and reach a target audience across various communication channels. However, it is important not to abuse them in your content. The research done by Constant Contact showed that two or more hashtags decrease the engagement rate. In addition, too many hashtags in digital newsletters look spammy, so they may easily raise red flags of spam filters.

Use one or two trending hashtags that perfectly blend into the content to play safe. Here is a list of the options you may use in January:

#2024goals, #2024resolutions, #blizzard, #bluemonday, #brrrr, #chocolatecakeday, #cold, #frosty, #gettoknowyourcustomersday, #happyjanuary, #happynewyear, #happynewyear2024, #healthy, #healthyhabits, #healthylifestyle, #hellojanuary, #Ihaveadream, #january2024, #januaryblues, #januarychallenge, #januarydays, #januarygoals, #januarylove, #januarymood, #januaryphotochallenge, #letitsnow, #lovewinter, #martinlutherking, #motivation, #nationalcomplimentday, #nationalhotchocolateday, #nationalhuggingday, #nationalpieday, #nationalspousesday, #newyear2024, #newyeargoals, #newyearmood, #newyearnewme, #newyearnewstart, #newyearnewyou, #newyearsday, #newyearsresolution, #snowday, #snowfall, #snowflake, #snowfun, #snowlove, #welcomejanuary, #winter2024, #winterfun, #winterseason, #wintertime, #wintervibes, #winterwonderland.

Plus, if you run a promotion, contest, or giveaway, do not shy away from these hashtags: #contest and #giveaway. For more relevant hashtags, check out Angie Gensler’s list.

Subject Line Ideas for January Newsletters

Email from Veer Gear

January Email Subject Lines

Whether you prepare Everything to congratulate your loyal fans with New Year, post about your company’s New Year’s resolutions, or share new arrivals and mid-season promotions, the subject line is the first thing to take care of. After all, it is responsible for the open rate, deliverability rate, and chances to work your email marketing magic on customers.

Unlike December, where subject lines were centered around the festivities, January’s headlines can be hard to nail. First, there is a huge diversity of small events. Second, there is no month-long festive topic. Third, people are exhausted from promotions they dealt with the previous month, so it is hard to catch and maintain their attention or spark curiosity.

The best way to overcome these challenges is to focus on personalization. Speaking directly to individuals will start a conversation on a positive note and set everyone in a positive mood. On top of that, it is crucial to figure out the right cadence. Even if your customers are in no mood to get blasts from your brand, reaching them at the right time of the day may increase your chances for cooperation. Therefore, segment your list and use professional tools to provide personalized content.

As for inspiration, check out these subject line ideas. They can be a solid foundation to build personalized subject lines or pitches that secure a high open rate:

  • January Only! $20 Off Select Services
  • Exclusive January offers
  • Our Exclusive January Prep Checklist
  • Just In! January Trends to Last You All Year
  • Steep Discounts for January, Smiley Davis! Don’t Miss Out
  • Hot January Sales Sure to Warm You Up
  • Go Big in January with our Mysterious Deal!
  • January blues? We will help
  • Party into the New Year with Our January Surprise!
  • Start 2024 strong: Life-changing January offers!
  • Need a brighter January?
  • Act Now: January Clearance Sale
  • This offer is good only in January
  • Why is January always so cold?

Subject line ideas for New Year and New Beginning:

  • 🍾NYE Flash Sale🍾70-90% Off ALL Sale!🥂
  • New Year = New You!
  • Fresh Year, Fresh Set 💅
  • Smiley Davis, Crush Your Resolutions at S&M Fit
  • Jump into the new year with our new products
  • 🤑Everything on sale 20-23% off for the new year
  • 3,2,1…Happy New Year!
  • Counting down to the biggest sale of the new year
  • New Year Means New Savings!
  • Happy Brew Year! Click for a Beer On Us
  • A Toast to You!
  • We ❤ 2024
  • Let’s kickstart the year together!
  • Start the year with 75% OFF…
  • Start Your Finances Off on the Right Foot

Subject lines with winter motifs and seasonal blues:

  • Winter Woes to Avoid When Renovating
  • Prep for Low Winter Temps
  • Post-holiday blues? Time for retail therapy!
  • Beat the January Blues: Get Exclusive Discounts!
  • Our prices are lower than the temperature outside
  • Seriously cool (warm) jackets.
  • What You Need to Know to Fight January Blues
  • 🙌 Finally—a cheat sheet to feel cozy 🙌🏾
  • 🤫 10 Lesser-Known Ways to Lighten Your Day

Subject line ideas for different events and observances:

  • Hey, You’re Great💛
  • ☕The Best Tips for Hot Chocolate for Winter Warmth
  • We’ll Make Your Next Job Easy as Pie
  • Surprise sale tomorrow—up to 50% off!
  • Free gift. Just because. ❤️
  • 🎯 Aim High in 2024
  • 🔥 Fuel Your 2024 Ambitions

You may always use one of these emojis to add a twist to your subject line or reinforce its emotional side. Please do not overdo it. Stick to one or two options. Make sure they fit the context and do not irritate subscribers.

🎉, 🌟, 🔥, 🚀, 🎯, 🍾, 🍻, 💃, 🎆, 🎇, 🎊,🍷,🍸,🍹,🥂,🕺,🕛,🥳, ❄️, 💑, 📱, 📩, 😬,🧤,🧣, ☕, 🖐, ☃️, ⛷️,🏂, 🥶,🛷, 🎁, 🌨️,🎞️, 🔔,🎄, 🏆, 💪, 🧘, 🤸, 🚴, 💻, 🤖,🔫,💥, 🍫,🍰,🎂.

January Email Subject Lines

Email from Hims

Key Traits of January Email Design

With the New Year approaching, the time has come to gather your tools to create email designs that will fit every January occasion in your marketing calendar.

Although content is king, design still has a huge say in decision-making. Along with using Postcards, a professional email design builder that will assemble any layout you want within minutes, it is crucial to understand the basics of January designs.

The visual aspect of a digital newsletter plays a decisive role in conversions and engagement. It influences how recipients perceive the content, creates a reading path, guides them from top to bottom, highlights key points, and leaves a long-lasting impression that beckons them back.

Understanding what colors work best for the first month of the year, what typography adds the right emotional constituent to the text, and what visuals play along with the winter motifs helps to create a design that delivers the key message to the crowd with the right supporting atmosphere and emotional constituent.


Winter sees various colors, from silver and gold, abused during Christmas to red on Valentine’s Day. However, what about January? As the coldest winter month, it is marked with some cooling winter palettes centered around white and blue. It plays along with jewel tones like ruby red, sapphire blue, and emerald green. On top of that, winter color palettes are highly contrasting.

The good news is that you are allowed to go off the beaten track to strike the right chord during special events. For example, New Year is bright, like fireworks at Times Square, so you can ditch bluish tones and favor vibrant coloring. Meanwhile, “delicious” events like National Bittersweet Chocolate Day, National Popcorn Day, National Hot Tea Day, and National Chocolate Cake Day add brown, beige, and light green to the mix.

As for serious observances and motivational month-long events like Make Your Dream Come True Day, Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution Day, International Creativity Month, and Reach Your Potential Month, email designers may use orange, yellow, and red because they generate positive emotions, sparkle creativity and encourage innovation and enthusiasm.

Key Traits of January Email Design

January color by Your Color Style


As the middle month of winter, January unlocks the beauty hidden in winter. It is increasingly diverse in its manifestation. For instance, email designers may use fonts with smooth, rounded letterforms that remind snowballs and snow dunes. On the other hand, they may exploit typefaces with sharp and acute letterforms to imitate icicles and snowflakes.

The advice is to focus on Winter Wonderland and its motifs, vibes, and emotions to understand what typeface works better for email design and target audience.

Another way to nail January typefaces is to capitalize on events. For example, a New Year campaign may greatly benefit from custom, hand-made, or decorative typefaces with a celebratory vibe.

Free January typeface from Unblast

Free January typeface from Unblast


January feels like a massive relief from the busy Christmas season. The time has come to focus on yourself, your resolutions, and new beginnings, and enjoy winter’s beauty.

Traditionally, winter motifs revolve around textural layers, knit patterns, interior elements that recreate a cozy atmosphere, and décor that exudes warmth on all fronts.

You are welcome to adopt a modern rustic way to layer your email design with multiple components to bring attention to a contrasting element (special offer or call-to-action button).

Use Postcards to pull off the January email design. It includes a range of fully responsive and mobile-friendly design blocks to assemble any layout you need to implement your campaign faster and more efficiently.

Email from VRBO

Email from VRBO

January Email Newsletter Examples

January Email Newsletter Examples

Email from Moment

We start our collection of January email design examples with the newsletter from Moment, whose team has played with the leading theme of new resolutions and beginning. By providing valuable material, they have used this opportunity to raise the company’s credibility and worth in customers’ eyes.

The team has created a list of digital goods that should inspire customers to reach their goals in the new year. They have also added special discounts and offers to produce an even bigger impact. Note the design; it is pretty neutral. There are no winter motifs or holiday decorations. Therefore, it works for everybody.

The best part is this theme can be exploited for the whole month. If you adopt this approach, you may easily run a month-long campaign nurturing your customers and feeding them with discounts and offers to convert them at the end of the period.

Email from Withings

Email from Withings

An alternative is to run a contest. Although contests are fr everyone, in the official month of new resolutions and “new me,” people are eager to face a challenge to improve their lives for the better.

The marketing team of Withings knows that perfectly well. They created a three-week challenge to help develop healthy habits. Why three weeks? Because there is a popular idea that a person needs 21 days to make a habit. Plus, it takes almost a whole month, so they have many excuses to connect with the audience personally, support them on their way, and remind them about their brand and products.

This approach is clever. First, the team does not spray on other minor events, channeling their precious energy, time, and money into one direction. Second, they have prioritized just one theme and made the most out of it, building consistent communication mode within the email channel during the entire month. Third, they have improved two-sided communication by getting real information from subscribers. Finally, they have made their brand relatable to people.

Email from Cracker Barrel

Email from Cracker Barrel

If the topic of a new beginning is not for you, but you want to run campaigns under one theme for the entire month, you should adopt the cozy theme. It is neutral, plays perfectly with January, and, most importantly, works for most niches. Cracker Barrel provides a great example.

Starting a conversation with the powerful subject line “Six more weeks of winter?”, they certainly have stroked the right chord with the audience. In the middle of winter, everyone counts the days till springtime. So, everyone is eager to open an email that understands their mood.

The email lives up to the audience’s expectations. It includes information that may help them to fight seasonal blues and survive the cold season. It starts with an impressive hero area, which includes a special offer.

Then, the email asks users to participate in the poll. Everyone loves to be heard, so it works great here. The final block is dedicated to the most wanted selling item to remind subscribers that the company is here for them regardless of weather conditions.

Note the language and choice of visuals: they perfectly support the content and idea of an email campaign, making it even more engaging.

Email from Sundays

Email from Sundays

This email from Sundays is the perfect example of a January email campaign that can be run for the whole month with “National Train Your Dog Month.” Find a unique way to make an idea like this work for you. Many products, from hot beverages to warm sweaters, may assist subscribers during their walks with dogs.

As for Sundays’ blasts, their team has made the most out of this month-long observance. They speak directly to dog owners with relevant content and visuals. They also do not miss an opportunity to promote their products by skillfully incorporating the product’s benefits into the content.

You may have noticed that the email capitalizes on subscribers’ feedback. The first block reveals reviews from Instagram followers; the second is dedicated to YouTube, whereas the third shows reviews from IG. The team plays hard on the social media acceptance card, winning extra bonuses.

Email from Iron and Resin

Email from Iron and Resin

Driving website traffic and engaging subscribers is a true challenge in January; however, you will see it through when you make your brand relatable to users and show your sympathy. Email from Iron and Resin is a case in point.

Much like the email from Cracker Barrel, it also starts a conversation on a promising note. “Shrug Off The Cold With Ease” is what users see in their inboxes. In the middle of the coldest season, it speaks directly to subscriber’s needs. So, it is a good start that ensures high open rates.

Then, the team meets recipients’ expectations with their email by demonstrating products that would help them fight cold and stay warm outside. Focusing on only one top item, they have demonstrated how it would solve user’s issues.

There is more. The team added a special bonus and incorporated a small coming soon block to spark interest and drive more traffic to the website.

Email from Google

Email from Google

We finish our collection with two examples dedicated to the New Year. Even though it is the first day of the month, no one can stop you from initiating this type of campaign any other day.

For example, Google has run this type of campaign in the middle of the month. They focused on the lunar New Year, which usually takes place at the end of January.

The team has used an informative approach, which is normal because the company is widely known as the main provider of information on all sorts of topics. However, the team has played smart. They have used this opportunity to enlighten subscribers about Chinese traditions while educating them about their AI-based assistant and unobtrusively promoting their product.

Simple, informative, educative, positive, and ingenious.

Email from Fitbit

Email from Fitbit

Another way to use the New Year theme is to go for new deals, which are perfectly acceptable to the audience and even eagerly anticipated by those who want to kickstart the new year with new products.

The email marketing team of Fitbit shows us how to use this opportunity to drive engagement, generate traffic to the website, and secure conversions early in the year.

They know that according to studies, almost 60% of Americans want to exercise more to get in shape. Even though less than 10% will reach their goals, this is still the perfect opportunity to show your support by offering discounts on such products as smartwatches and trackers.

On top of that, the company declares its collaboration with Klarna, which implies four interest-free payments. This is perfect for people waiting for payday at the end of the month so they can carry out their resolutions without delays.


January is a tricky month. It feels empty with just one big holiday at the beginning of the month. To make matters worse, it marks the end of the biggest sale season, so customers are a bit exhausted and low on cash, to say nothing about feeling low in the dumps due to seasonal blues and cold weather. This certainly raises some obstacles to email marketing success.

However, there are ways to emerge victorious. Run month-long campaigns to nurture customers or prioritize several key events to connect with your target audience on a special occasion without being too intrusive or pushy.

Plan marketing activities for January beforehand and use our ideas and list of events and observances. You may create a fantastic email marketing schedule that will drive engagement, generate excitement, nurture clients, and create conversions.

Adopting all the best practices is also crucial when planning your email marketing routine because they are game-changers during this difficult time. At a minimum, this includes doing granular segmentation, defining perfect email cadence, developing high-converting subject lines, sending hyper-personalized content, and using professional tools like Postcards to create an email that will be responsive and mobile-friendly.

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