Features of the Perfect Responsive Web Design

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The world has become so much advanced and at the same time things have become very easy and convenient. New technologies have been invented to provide people every type of comfort they want. In this modern era, many new devices have come to existence such as laptops, mobile phones, tablet PCs, and smart televisions.

The term responsive web design is given to the idea of developing and designing such website which works on any device by changing its layout automatically. Responsive web design was coined by Ethan Marcotte. He also wrote a book on Responsive web design with the name of “A Book Apart – Responsive web design”, which became very popular.

Why is Responsive Web Design Important?

With the invention of more and more new technologies and new gadgets the customers want to use the best and newest gadgets for them. In past, it was only desktop computer which everyone used. So it was not important for the designers to work on the responsive web design. Then laptops came, then tablets and so on.

The real fact is that people in in this modern era want to browse web easily and quickly. This means that responsive web design is made to help the users browse with any type of device they have in their hands. Web designers have to design such website which gives the information in different screen sizes and different screen resolutions to the users. Your website should be so versatile that it can be used on a mobile phone or on a huge sized LCD screen.

Before responsive web design, the designers had to design a lot of versions of their website which was really tough but that was the only solution. But this solution didn’t work as users needed to download too many designs and extra code. And all this ended up with a bad user journey.

This is the main reason why responsive web design gained popularity and importance. RWD is very helpful for us in meeting all of these requirements and allowing us not to work hard in making a lot of designs of a single website for different devices.

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Responsive web design is very important from a business point of view too. It allows the users visit your website from any device they have. This increases the traffic on your website.

Features of the Perfect Responsive Web Design

There are a lot of features of perfect responsive web design which are very helpful for everyone. Some of the most common features of best responsive web design are mentioned below.

Less Effort

With the help of best responsive web design, you just have to update the information on your web site once. This will definitely lessen your efforts which you have to use in updating many versions of your website.

Smooth User Experience

Best Responsive web design gives users, a very smooth and optimized experience on the device they have in their hands. Recently, it is seen that the world’s most famous search engine “Google” started promoting the best responsive web design in their method for the cell phone sites.


If you are allowing users to use a phone friendly version of your website, then your stats are being split into two. If you want to get complete insight on the visitors on mobile, then you should make a segment named “mobile-only” and this is the feature which makes a Responsive website best.

User Friendly website

One of it’s the most famous feature of best responsive web design is that; it makes your website or webpage user friendly. This is because your website can be used on any device of any screen size. Today, there is a huge competition on the invention of technologies and daily a number of smartphones come to the market. Therefore, if you have a best responsive web design, then people will the opportunity to visit your website which is very beneficial for your website.

Mobile Segment

It is also a very good feature of best responsive website that you can get all the useful information about the number of traffic on your website. This requires nothing, you just have to make a mobile segment and you will get the complete view of traffic coming to your website. Traffic updates are very important to note the performance of your website. It also helps you to make changes in your website to increase traffic.

Accumulated Sharing

Best Responsive web design also allows you as a head of website to gather all the social links with one URL. This will help you to make many useful contributions for a best and user friendly website.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Day after day, the search engines are getting very smart and they know how to figure out the connection of mobile websites with the desktop ones. And search engines bring the responsive website on the top of their pages.

No Redirects

It is also one of the best benefits of best Responsive web designing that you will not have to worry about any redirects because it involves not user agent targeting.  So, it is a great thing if you are a little irresponsible for taking care of the targeted users and redirects.

Less Maintenance

By making different versions of your website for different devices, you are doing nothing but increasing the load of work. This is because you have to make changes in more than one website. But if your website is a responsive website then you have to maintain it only once. This is because there will be only one layout which works for all sort of devices. This will reduce your efforts and your work load.

Free of Device-Alternating Issues

A very serious problem in designing the website both for mobile and for the desktop is that the users used to share the URL of your website to others. And the people who used to copy the link in their address bar and open it are not always browsing through the same gadget through which the website was shared. This drawback can be effectively removed by the best responsive web design.

It’s Not About The Device Only

Best Responsive web design is not just about the device. If you are opening a website on a huge screen, you do not always experience the full screen web browser window. But if you are opening a best responsive website, then you should not care about the screen size. Best responsive web design will never let you do the horrible horizontal scrolling

Media Display Issues

Perfect responsive web design not only re-sizes the pictures and content, but it also works for the media like videos, moving text, etc. and fix them according to the size of device you have.

Responsive Web Design Examples

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FortySeven Media


Thus, it is seen that perfect responsive web design has a lot of features that are very beneficial for the web designers and web developers. With the invention of new and new technologies, it has become too difficult for the web designers to make a lot of versions of their website but responsive web design fulfilled all their needs.

By the above features, you have to admit that having a single website that can be used on any device or any screen size is a very good deal. It will not only lessen your efforts but will also help you to increase a lot of traffic on your website. In this way you will earn much from your website.


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