33 Delicious Food-Styled Websites to Inspire You

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It is absolutely necessary to own a food website online for those who are into the business of running a restaurant. The backing technology makes it easier for a restaurateur to sell his food in a more convenient way. So for those who own a restaurant, it is also essential to have a gorgeous food website. You can find some of the best designs made for food website here. They provide you information on the present day menu and the delicious food stuffs available at their shop.

They have nicely displayed information on menus, location, book a table, events, offers and history. There are also food sites that are very attractive letting you feel the taste of food right from the website. They have also mentioned about the special offers which is an added attraction for the site. Cookie sites are animated food sites giving you information on cookies, crackers and other goodies. It also has recipes which makes sense to cookie lovers. Information on different types of omelets, pancakes and other recipes can also be seen on various sites. It also serves mouthwatering BBQ, burgers, sandwiches and salads. The site shares a photo gallery to let you get a perfect image of it

There are also exclusive wine sites that cater specially to the wine lovers and connoisseurs. They have options for online ordering and arrangement of large parties. Gourmet websites also are great food sites that display the images of their food to attract more food lovers. They have options for lunch, dinner, specials, party menu, gluten free and so on. Even the burger sites are amazing in their look and feel as these sites look amazing with the image of a mouth watering burger. Other than this, these also provide information regarding menu, location, catering, and their story.

They have started an e-club for giving free burgers. You can search for locations by just entering the name of your city. Some cutely designed food sites showing animated pictures of noodles, different vegetables loudly boast of their Chinese connection. There are also a few sites that provide exclusive information and booking of confectionary items like cupcakes, pastries and croissants. This design is eye-catching and also easy for those searching cake sites. You can visit any site of your choice and book what suits your palate.

Food-Styled Websites Examples

Somos Gulosos




Food Sense

Cake Sweet Cake

Porte Sainte Claire

Brindisa Spanish Foods

Meet Ness

Dilly Deli – Tulsa

Marie Catribs

Arby’s  It’s Good Mood Food

Cannolificio Mongibello

Jake’s Road House

Back Yard Burgers

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Coffee

CJ’s Favorites


Delores Custer

Ruby Tuesday


Le Pain Quotidien

Welcome to OTTO

The Square Restaurant

William Smith Food Styling

Restaurant Locations


Restaurant Nuevo Aurich

Bar Cocktail Restaurant

La Masa Mimatta


Olive Garden Italian Restaurant


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  1. Rachael Jan 5, 12:04 pm

    A great selection of designs – most of them are fantastic! The two main things that define restaurant and food websites for me are imagery and texture. I think quality of images is really important with pictures of food especially, if it doesn’t make visitors mouths water and make them want to visit – then you need new pictures.

    I like La Massa Mimata, ignoring the images on the site, I have a pretty good guess of what they do from the use of colours, textures & overall styling of the website. I think my favourite is Bar Cocktail, I like the balance and space given around the main image at the top. The use of colours & texture on the navigation is different to the stripes that many other here have shown.

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