Showcase of Creative Websites and Tips to Design Unique Ones for Your Clients

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The global market continues to expand. That should mean more business for web designers, and for you. But, as with many good things, there’s a catch.

The new clients are out there. More of them than ever. That’s the good news.

Your competition is out there too. Many of whom are doing their very best to make their clients happy with creative websites. Those clients have become increasingly sophisticated with respect to what they want. Also consequently more demanding.

That means you’re going to have to do your best to get your share of assignments. The way to do that is to design and deliver websites that stand out from the rest.

Not so good news? Not really. Not if you have the right tools to meet these demands head on. Tools that enable you to deliver sophisticated designs to a sophisticated clientele. A tool like Be Theme for example. Be Theme is the largest and most versatile WordPress theme of them all.

Be Theme will do most of the creative website building effort for you. Or, at least take care of the heavy lifting and most of the repetitive tasks.

You still have to know what you want. A tool like Be Theme can help, but it can’t necessarily do it all. Follow these 5 simple steps and you should be in good shape to create some truly impressive, visitor-converting websites. It will put smiles on your client’s faces.

5 Simple Steps to Building Astoundingly Creative Websites

Step 1: Select a spellbinding color palette

Your choice of a color palette can determine whether your website will be run-of-the mill or one that generates more than its share of attention. You don’t have to have the skills of an interior decorator to choose a good one. Following these simple rules should suffice:

  • Choose colors that will attract immediate attention
  • The palette itself should visually support the message your site or app is intended to convey
  • The color selection should be on brand.

Artist employs BOLD attention-getting color touches.


This Be Theme pre-built website is an excellent example of what you can accomplish with a color palette that grabs you and doesn’t let go.


Note how Carbon8 aligns the color palette with the site brand by a clever choice of shades of green. The deep green element is especially noteworthy for the way it directs a visitor’s attention to the center of the page.


BeInsurance is more subtle in the way it uses colors to support the crisp, clear images designed to gain the attention of the types of clients you’re looking for.


BeFestival illustrates the use of a color palette that almost anyone will find appealing.


Step 2: Display crystal-clear photos and images

Crystal clear photos and images carry important messages: (1) the images themselves can contribute to the overall message (2) what is seen may be remembered, and (3), it quickly becomes obvious that professional care and craftsmanship has gone into the design of the website.

BeStylist illustrates the advantages that can be gained from displaying images with flair. Here, a crisp image clearly supports the intended message.


RansomLTD takes a different tack, that of a minimalist, crisp, and powerful approach.


The Zajno creative website illuminates how crystal-clear pics can be used to showcase your creativity.


The Design Shop cleverly uses flair and creativity to entice visitors with crisp and compelling product images.

The Design Shop

Step 3: Show visitors how your creativity benefits them

Don’t make the mistake of trying to show your client how creative you are. It isn’t about you. It’s about serving your client’s visitors, and it can be extremely effective when it helps those visitors imagine themselves actually using your client’s product or service.

The BeMarketing homepage video cleverly illustrates how people could benefit from using your products.


Lane’s approach to expressing structural design perspectives is nothing short of extraordinary.


An earlier example illustrated the power of taking a minimalist approach. In this BeSimple example it’s the typography and the way the text is presented rather than the text itself that’s most effective.


BeTravelBlogger not only provides an excellent foundation for a travel blogger’s dream site from which you can present your travel adventures. It can also be a source of inspiration for both you and your viewers.


Step 4: Overuse “white” space? Not at all a bad idea.

It may sound easy to do, but it’s actually rather difficult to “overuse” white space. With respect to using white space “more is better” is not a bad rule of thumb to follow.

Makespace’s clean design enables the eye to focus on the main message and key elements.


BeSketch illustrates the impact a seemingly excessive amount of white space can have, while The Drive New York also uses white to great effect.


Making white space a part of the brand can effectively help to drive your message home. BeIcecream is a “tasty” example of how lots of white space can be used to great effect.


Step 5: Make your CTAs easy to find and impossible to ignore

If people can’t immediately spot your CTA button, there’s a good chance it may never be clicked on. Big, bold, and beautiful buttons that are strategically placed so they practically beg to be clicked on should be your objective.

BeDrawing’s CTA button is easy to spot. It’s positioned above the fold; as it should be. It’s centering on the page acts like a gate that invites visitors to see what lies beyond.


Stuart illustrates how you can clearly define and effectively place 3 CTA buttons.


CTA buttons don’t have to be different from every other element on a page. You can have them match other elements and still attract attention. BeKids is a useful example of this.


Building Creative Websites – Summarizing the 5 Simple Steps

The secret to your success involves more than simply following the 5 simple steps described here. They’re straightforward and easy to execute. Using a top quality website building tool is also a key. It is a tool that can provide the color palette you want, feature crisp icons, fonts to match your brand, and more.

You also want a tool that won’t bog you down. Since once you start delivering stunning creative websites, business will increase. You don’t want to be caught up in juggling schedules and deadlines.

You’ll definitely find the cool gallery of more than 450 creative websites on Be Theme to your liking. Firstly you can customize them. And since their designs are based in part on the 5 steps we’ve discussed here, you’re not likely to skip any of them. Start using them now. You’ll quickly discover how quick and easy building a unique, creative website can be.


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