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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) remains an essential technology for security between a server and a client. It is a standard security tool for establishing an encrypted link typically between a web server and a browser or a mail server and a mail client. SSL plays an essential role in enhancing the security of web applications, which in turn gains the trust of the users.

However, several cutting-edge SSL certificates have been developed to secure web servers and establish encrypted links between servers and browsers. All the web applications are still not uniquely secured. And this mostly due to insufficient accessibility of the SSL certificates, usability, and automation.

Although the SSL certificate is quite simple to integrate on web applications and other servers, it’s always been challenging for some individuals to find a durable SSL to secure their servers. ZeroSSL is a high-quality SSL service provider that helps to quickly secure all types of sites by enabling SSL management on autopilot. This provider supports one-step validation and renewal of SSL certificates via REST API.

Here is a thorough and straightforward review on ZeroSSL detailing all that is about the server security provider- its pricing plans, features, technology, and many others.

What is ZeroSSL?

What is ZeroSSL?

Since its establishment in 2016, ZeroSSL has been a simple but powerful SSL certificate provider that believes that all web applications across the globe should be secured through SSL. Though the company initially kicked-off as a facilitator of a seamless, 90-day SSL certificates setup and installation issued by third-party providers.

However, over the years, ZeroSSL moved on to being a trusted certificate authority, providing authentic SSL certificates for all and sundry. This vendor currently works with more than 500,000 clients around the world, issuing over 1 million monthly certificates with 99.9% browser security coverage.

ZeroSSL issues fast, reliable, and easy-to-integrate SSL certificates that offer full protection. SSL management tools are simple and straightforward to implement on any domain, website, or backend system in less than 5 minutes with maximum protection. Even the free SSL provided by this vendor offers full protection for any server.

This SSL certificate authority is committed to issuing the best, seamless SSL protection to clients across the globe. Hence, ZeroSSL is built upon three main principles, including accessibility, usability, and automation. The company ensures it makes the SSL certificates available for all with major ACME integrations for the management of certificates.

Moreover, certificates issued by ZeroSSL are usable with utter transparency and intuitive control featuring a free, full-fledged SSL management user interface for a seamless setup of new certificates and as well as tracking of existing ones. The company also automates the SSL certificates with a straightforward management REST API interface.

Key features of ZeroSSL

Key features of ZeroSSL

ZeroSSL is a high-ranking SSL certificate authority that provides premium security for web applications. The SSL certificates are built with simple but powerful technology and also featuring all other necessary SSL security tools you need for full protection. Asides from the full-fledged REST API and ACME integrations that enable swift automation, the SSL certificates are also easy to implement under 5 minutes.

Here are some of the critical features of ZeroSSL:

  • SSL Certificates: ZeroSSL offers SSL certificates to secure web presence. The company has two types; the rock-solid 90-day certificates and the 1-year certificates. The SSL certificates support wildcards, multiple domains, and also enables quick renewal. All certificates issued by ZeroSSL are 99.9% trusted by browsers. The certificates come with simple validation and installation with industry-standard HTTPS Encryption.
  • One-Step Validation: With ZeroSSL, users can validate their SSL certificates quickly following straightforward instructions just a few minutes. The One-Step validation automatically supports Certificate Signing Request (CSR) generation, and domain verification via email, DNS (CNAME) or HTTP file upload.
  • Quick Installation: ZeroSSL ensures that the installation of SSL certificates is quick and seamless. This vendor makes a series of instructions available to guide users on how they can seamlessly install the SSL certificates. Once the certificate file is downloaded, all you need do is to follow the simple but thorough guide. Other useful guides for installation include the help resource center, explanation videos, technical support, and tailored installation instructions.
  • Management Console: ZeroSSL comes with a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and manipulation of the SSL certificates. This interface allows users to handle all about the certificates in one place. It also features essential tools like expiration reminders, quick actions, and billing management. Through the intuitive management console, users can create new SSL certificates, install SSL certificates, validate and manage SSL certificates.
  • SSL Monitoring: With ZeroSSL, you can take security to an entirely different level beyond expiration warnings. You can both track and monitor your certificates to detect breaches in security. This feature enables you to carry out health certificate checks, HTTPS checks, and conduct other issues at a glance.
  • ACME Automation: ZeroSSL features ACME automation that allows seamless integration for ordering and renewing the 90-day SSL certificates automatically. This is a dedicated feature that is compatible with all significant ACME integrations.
  • SSL REST API: ZeroSSL features a full-fledged, comprehensive SSL REST API that supports all SSL activities from certificate creation, validation, renewal, and management.

Pricing plans of ZeroSSL

ZeroSSL has four main pricing plans alongside its free plan. These plans are entirely affordable to make it accessible to individuals and companies of all sizes. Here are the pricing plans alongside their packages:

  • Free Plan: this is a forever free plan that doesn’t require users’ their credit card at any point. It only supports three 90-day SSL certificates.
  • Basic Plan: This plan is $10/ month but goes for $8/month when billed annually. It features unlimited 90-day certificates, three 1-year certificates, access to REST API, and technical support.
  • Premium Plan: this is the most popular plan. It is $50/ month but goes for $40/month when billed annually. It features unlimited 90-day certificates, ten 1-year certificates, multi-domain certificates, unlimited 90-day wildcards, one 1-year wildcard, access to REST API, and technical support.
  • Business Plan: This plan is $100/ month but goes for $80/month when billed annually. It features unlimited 90-day certificates, 25 1-year certificates, multi-domain certificates, unlimited 90-day wildcards, three 1-year wildcards, access to REST API, and technical support.
  • Enterprise Plan: This plan is tailored to your need upon request. It features an all-inclusive package with SSL checks, wildcards, and technical support with advanced custom solutions.


ZeroSSL is a cutting-edge SSL certificate vendor that prioritizes the accessibility of server security for all. The SSL management tools are simple and straightforward to implement on any domain, website, or backend system in less than 5 minutes with maximum protection.

As a company built upon three main principles, including; accessibility, usability, and automation, ZeroSSL certificates are not only available for all with major ACME integrations but also easy to install and manage. The intuitive, user-friendly interface allows clients to navigate and manipulate the certificates with ease.


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