Zipcodebase Review: A Postal Code API for Over 100 Countries

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Have you ever needed to deal with zip codes when you’re organizing them in coding? It can be a frustrating and challenging proposition. One of the reasons for that is because there are hundreds of codes for every city, state, and country worldwide. That’s why having an API like Zipcodebase can make your life a whole lot easier.

If you’re curious about what this service can offer you, we have the answers. Our review will look at what Zipcodebase has to offer, how to use it, and what you can expect it to provide you. First, let’s delve into exactly what this API is all about and who it’s designed for.

What Zipcodebase is All About

When you type in an address on a shopping website or fill out online forms, you’ll often see that typing in the location automatically brings up the zip code. A zipcode API like Zipcodebase is designed to take a text description of a place and provide the exact zip code for it. There are many out there for you to choose from, but few have the features that this API does.

Zipcodebase Review: A Postal Code API

The reason to consider a zipcode API is that it makes it easier for programmers and developers. Writing entire codes from scratch for zip codes can be regarded as a thing of the past. Zipcodebase offers real-time zip codes that are provided lightning fast, and the data is updated regularly to prevent errors.

Top Features Offered by Zipcodebase

You can take advantage of a lot by signing up for this API, whether you’re a free or a paid member. Breaking down all of the features isn’t possible, but we can give you an overview of some of the most impressive things to expect when using Zipcodebase. These features include:

  • A free plan that requires only registration and offers users up to 10,000 API calls each month.
  • An API that has support for zip codes using JSON format, which is easier to use and read than other options available.
  • A selection of membership options so that you never have to pay for more API calls than you will use in a month.
  • High-quality support and functionality to make your life easier. The team provides integration support to get you up and running.
  • Response times to queries and concerns are provided rapidly. The process just involves filling out a contact form and sending it in.

One of the remarkable things about this API is that it can be used on a commercial basis, whether you are a paying or free member. In fact, the only thing paying customers receive that free users don’t is a service level agreement.

Types of Zip Code Searches Available

As you might expect from an advanced API like Zipcodebase, you can use it to list out postal codes within a city or state. However, there are many other uses for the API that may not be as obvious. Each of the searches you can take advantage of include:

  • Zip Codes by State – This provides you with a list of all the zip codes within a state in a specific country. Zipcodes are available for more than 100 countries around the world.
  • Zip Codes by City – Similar to the zip codes by state functionality, this feature lets you dig down deeper. Instead of getting all of the zip codes for an entire state, you can instead receive a list of all the zips that occur within one specific city.
  • Zip Code Radius Search – Using the Zipcodebase API, you can choose a location and find all of the zip codes that fit into a radium a certain distance away from the original zip code.
  • Distance Calculation – You can use the API to calculate the distance between two zip codes or even additional zip codes that are important to you. In addition, the results can be displayed in miles or kilometers, depending on your preference.
  • Zip Code to Location – If you’re curious to learn more about a specific zip code, this feature is one that you will use regularly. It provides you with useful information about the primary location behind any zip code you choose.

All of these features can be used by any member, paying or not. With worldwide data for more than a hundred countries, reasonable pricing, and up to 10,000 free requests a month, it’s an API worth visiting. You can always give it a shot to see if it fits your needs before spending any money on the service.

Types of Plans and Pricing

Types of Plans and Pricing

There is a range of options at Zipcodebase for an organization or business of any size. The plans start from the Free Plan and move up to the Small Plan, Medium Plan, Large Plan, Very Large Plan, and the Custom Plan. Below is a bit more information about each of these options:

  • Free Plan – This offers 10,000 requests a month, but each submission must be made separately. It comes with email support, HTTPS encryption, and self-service onboarding services.
  • Small Plan – Available for $75 a month, this plan offers 200,000 requests each month. It has all the free plan features but allows you to make three concurrent requests and includes personal support as well as concierge onboarding. It also includes a service level agreement.
  • Medium Plan – For $240 a month, you have access to 1,900,000 requests each month. This plan allows five concurrent requests and includes all of the perks of the lower tiers of subscriptions.
  • Large Plan – The large plan’s monthly cost is $800 a month, but it lets you make 10,000,000 requests every month. All other features are available, and you can make up to 10 concurrent requests at this price point.
  • Very Large Plan – For those who want the best, the Very Large Plan is $2,000 a month and comes with 40,000,000 requests. Twenty concurrent requests can be made at the same time.
  • Custom Plan – If you are part of an organization or business with needs above and beyond the packages offered, the Custom Plan is the choice for you. You can work with the people at Zipcodebase to determine the number of requests you get a month and how many can be made at the same time.

Ease of Use with Zipcodebase

Getting started with this API is simple. All you need to do is visit the Zipcodebase website and create an account to get an API token key. You can choose the subscription you’re interested in and fill in your information before getting an email to verify your request. After confirming the address, an API key is generated for you.

Once you make a request, the API will look up the zip code and offer you instant data. The API also integrates with Node.JS to create even more innovative projects. The API website includes lots of documentation to help you through the process of using it for the first time.

All in all, for someone who needs an API for zip codes, Zipcodebase is an excellent option. It comes with great features and offers a subscription to fit every budget and need. The team provides outstanding support and will work with you to build the right solution for your business!


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