28 Good Examples of Portrait Usage in Web Design

Web designing is usually a tricky process, where every tiny detail matters and contributes to creating the main general aspect and image of the site. Everything is important to consider when designing that web page you hope will attract countless visitors and potential clients. It’s never a waste of time to improve the usability of the site and its structure, adding value to the way the content is displayed. Also, the appearance does say a lot, because it is the first that our eyes perceive and creates that first impression that demands hard efforts to beat later. Of course, tastes differ and, for some people, a minimalistic, simple layout will be just perfect, while for others the abundance of colours and shapes are mandatory. So, it’s important to make some research and see what theme is the best for your site.

As you probably know, lately, web designers follow that catchy trend of incorporating large background images in websites. In order not to be inferior to the actual tendencies, but to be more specific, we decided to show you a collection of websites that prefer portrait usage in web design.

Using portraits in web design makes the atmosphere of the site somewhat more personal and intimate, in the same time giving the impression that it enhances the human connection. It doesn’t matter if it narrows down to some thumbnails or slender illustrations, or it occupies the whole background. If the usage of portraits in web design is done with taste and elegance, then the mission of the web designer is accomplished.

So, here they are, 28 good examples of portrait usage in web design to inspire you in your quest for a better designing strategy. Enjoy!

Portrait Usage in Web Design Inspiration

Facundo Almeyra

Phillip Toledano

Firefly Photography


Two Designers

David Hellmann

Design Swap

The Squad

Sarah Camp

David Batra

Kevin Monger

Bokche Creative Studio

Kevin John Gomez

Mike Dignam

The Sum

Hello I’m Dan

Lukes Beard

Frank Chimero



Matt Hamm

Noah Stokes

Glenn Hitchcock

Neutron Creations

Alastaire Allday


Antonio Giuseppe Peligra

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  1. Octavian Purice May 31, 9:40 pm

    well done!
    they are amazing examples of portraiture used in web design.

  2. David Jun 1, 3:51 am

    I’ve struggled in the past with integrating photographs into design work. I get better every time I do it, but this is great inspiration for helping with that. Thanks for sharing!

  3. be4rt Jun 1, 11:36 am

    collection of good design I think they deserve thumbs up for their work, rarely now because people think more towards the view select content, in fact the two are closely related

  4. MistoAcrilico Jun 5, 12:57 pm

    You absolutely have to see how amazing they are: http://www.papermoustache.com/


  5. Keith Miller Jan 14, 3:36 pm

    Hi Adrian.
    I’m a real fan of your site and have drawn a lot of inspiration from your posts and examples. Portraiture is a real art. You get so tired of seeing the archetypal holiday snap pose. It’s amazing how just clever cropping can make an ordinary shot have impact. A perfect example of this is the Glenn Hitchcock shot.
    Thanks for the gallery.


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