33 Examples of Login Form Designs for your Inspiration

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Have you minutely ever followed the login page that appears when you sign up for a particular website? The first page that comes up whenever you are logging in is the first impression of a website. The design of the login form will itself define the nature of the website and hence it should carry pertinence with the website it is leading to.

Truly, login or signup forms are one of the most important elements that a web page contains and hence designing these online forms is one of the most significant features when it comes to designing the website.  A successfully created sign up form also encourages as well as allows the visitors to becoming a member, a subscriber or a customer for a particular business. A sober-looking, creative as well as visually attractive signup form will surely encourage a fruitful rate of conversion of a visitor if all the other features are properly coordinated.

Designing an effective as well as clean login/signup form asks for a lot of creativity from the designer as it is important for a website to have an appealing & outstanding form for the sake of its success and efficacy.

Some highly effective and attractive login form designs

There are some registration forms which consist of basic contact forms that are created with the help of some elementary web designing concepts. Apart from these elementary ones, there are few which may look a bit different o some extent. However, there are some others which are extremely impressive as well as creative that categorically lures the visitor to enter the website.

Some of these forms have an option of entering personal contact information in details and they include the name, e-mail, contact number and other things. The styles of these forms go much beyond ordinary, and some of them even have come up with an option of handwritten calligraphy.

Few login pages come up with various innovative input style of text beside some highly innovative option or select menus. These types of forms really ask for a high level of creativity from the designers, especially when it comes to designing the space in between various layers, creating texts that are large and easily readable, and creating the sidebar links that connect to their e-mails directly.

A specific type of form provides a dramatic insight of a new data input field. The users have the leverage of getting to the login link from the homepage itself and call up a login box powered by jQuery. This particular type of form comes up with an Ajax that it uses to direct an external script of PHP. It evaluates the information that a user has used in logging in and once processed, it either grants the permission to the user or denies it.

A number of login form designs that we see these days are indeed extremely dynamic and consist of some of the very latest designs. One of these new age designs provides a wonderful insight into the various data input fields. Users can easily go to the homepage and can click the link on the login page to call up a dynamic login box powered by jQuery. This particular login form comes up with the option of linking an external PHP script that helps in evaluation of various login information and depending upon the outcome of the result; it either allows entry of the user or denies it.

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Login Form Examples

Login Form from Impressionist UI by Designmodo

Although, at first sight, it seems that inputs slightly soar in the air, since gradients and vector realization placed on a textured canvas leads to a slight balanced in harmony. Nevertheless, this tooltip-inspired basic login form looks interesting and unique.

Login by Haziq Mir

The designer places fields in line, making the overall component suitable for standard relatively narrow headers. While soft, warm brownish coloring paired with inner shadows give each item pleasant, smooth and finished appearance, the dark version has a more sophisticated look.

Stellar Login, Improved by Haziq Mir

The first thing that catches the eye is a background that can become an excellent complement to any intricate or illustrative design, where natural textures such as wood or paper run the show. While sleek inputs and grayish coloring ideally suit to the notebook-styled canvas, the huge blue ‘Sign In’ button grabs the whole attention with its great visual weight.

Login Form by Sergey Shmidt

This is an excellent example of a dark login form that exudes an image of sophistication without being brutal. The glossy brown button instantly strikes the eye, calling to action. Tiny metallic toggle adds a lovely skeuomorphic flair to the composition.

Login form for personal application by Ionut Zamfir

The backdrop of the form mimics a common notebook surface where we usually make notes. Wooden canvas enhances the overall aesthetics. Although shiny gradient buttons slightly break away from the theme, here flat or sketchy buttons might look more natural, yet still the component achieves a sense of harmony.

Sign In Widget

The designer exhibits a subtle and elegant web form, the wow factor of which is produced by its semi-transparent background. It has an optimal contrast that sets apart lettering and icons from the backdrop, and as usual, massive almost overwhelming bulging CTA.

iPhone App Login Form

iPhone App Login Form by Mason Yarnell is executed in the best traditions of iOS designs of previous years. There are lots of glossy stuff, ornamental ribbons, embossed icons and, of course, complicated textured backdrop. Nevertheless, in general, the component looks clean, fresh and with lots of air.

Light login by Maxwell Barvian

Light login by Maxwell Barvian looks exactly as stated on the nameplate: light, clean and crisp. Grey and white colors together can do wonders easily providing users with an excellent experience. As befits, for better conversions, the main button is intentionally oversized and is painted in a bright tone.

How to Create Login Form with CSS3 and jQuery

It is a small tutorial that is subservient even to novice web developers. Although the design is quite simple and input fields at first look like buttons because of a gradient styling; however, it is a representative example of sleek and well-structured web form that can come in handy in numerous UIs.

Login by Paresh Khatri

Some login by Paresh Khatri is a tiny web component that boasts of a vibrant color scheme and meticulous attention to details. The tooltip-inspired shape, circular photo thumbnail, inset treatment, semi-transparent backdrop make this design easily stand out from the crowd.

App Login

Carefully laying out each element of the form one above the other, Mynus is managed to tie the design together and ditch the backdrop that would only distract attention from a refined screen. The coloring, edges, shapes, rounded corners, typography, amount of white space and embossed touches make the design unique and crisp.

Dark login by Adam Whitcroft

Dark login by Adam Whitcroft looks sophisticated and top-notch. An excellent choice of font in tandem with contrasting colors offers users an optimal readability. ‘Sign In’ button, grayish glyphs and switch look a bit seamless, yet they ideally blend in the environment.

User login

User login has a warm creamy coloring that evokes positive feelings. Orange and blue are used as decorative touches that add a zest and make the form suitable for various designs. Gradient-based CTA with a convex appearance simply jumps at you, inviting to action.

Snappy Login by Charlie Waite

Snappy Login by Charlie Waite is an interesting take on a web form that has a simple yet original appearance mainly thanks to flat transparent inputs. Although text inside fields experiences some illegibility, when the backdrop is too washy, yet on the whole, it certainly has a charm. The decorative font and embossed button look exceptional, and as it should be, an attention-grabbing.

Sazzi Login by Ionut Zamfir

Sazzi Login by Ionut Zamfir features a nice twist produced by the CTA buttons. The primary coloring is neatly selected, and the accent tone perfectly complements the overall aesthetics. The form looks great on a monotone or noisy canvases, especially input fields that seem to be naturally inbuilt.

Notepad Login final by Haziq Mir

Notepad Login final by Haziq Mir is another illustrative take on a common minimalistic form in our collection that is planned down to the last detail. The background holds the theme together, original dashed-styled fields and elegant cursive typography have artistic flair.

Stacked Paper login by Patrik Larsson

The author goes for a more traditional route by using clean backdrop, standard boxes for inputs, regular type, and calm color palette. Here red is used for accent, giving the CTA a striking appearance. Tiny details as a metallic clip as well as wooden texture just enrich the aesthetics.

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