10 Smallest & Fastest Frontend Web Dev Frameworks

10 Smallest & Fastest Frontend Web Dev Frameworks

If you search in Google you’ll find dozens of handy tools for improving your website’s performance. And there’s so much you can do from optimizing images to setting up your own CDN. But here’s one thing few designers think about: optimizing your …

Website Performance Guide for Beginners: Tips to Optimize Your Load Time

Website Performance Guide for Beginners: Tips to Optimize Your Load Time

A fast website is the quickest way to increase user engagement. Your total page load time affects your site’s UX and your position in Google too. So what can you do to improve page speed and reduce lengthy load times? Well, a …

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Trendy Ways of Enhancing Website Homepages

Trendy Ways of Enhancing Websites Homepages

Images and videos are the most popular options when it comes to enhancing website homepages. But are they the only techniques that form strong first impressions and make websites stand out? No one can argue with the fact that these …

Postcards: The Second Sneak-Peek

Postcards: The Second Sneak-Peek

After announcing the first Sneak-Peek of Postcards we received useful feedback and very positive reactions. Postcards is close to being released, but we want to share new images of this tool with you now. (We’re still open for feedback though!)

Understanding Learnability for Web Design: Tips and Best Practices

Understanding Learnability for Web Design: Tips and Best Practices

Building a learnable website is much tougher than it sounds. The goal should be a clear user experience that visitors can quickly pick up and understand. Mobile app designers can solve this through onboarding which helps users learn the interface. But websites can’t always …

Bright Colors Make an Elegant Return to Web Design

Bright Colors Made an Elegant yet Impressive Return in Web Design

Color is a traditional design tool. Can you imagine a website without color? Despite its significance and importance in an era of animation, WebGL experiments and VR, it obediently stays in the shadow most of the time. Pantone picks a …

Best Resources to Learn Vanilla JavaScript from Scratch

If you’re trying to learn front-end development then JavaScript is one of the primary languages you need to learn. It’s also one of the most complex languages to pick up, especially if you’ve only work with basic HTML & CSS. But fret …

Linecons – Free Vector Icons Pack


Linecons - Free Vector Icons Pack

Linecons is a set of remarkable free vector icons. The set contains 48 fully scalable vector icons with outline styles. You can use these icons when creating web and mobile interfaces. They will suit any site themes and any design. …

Postcards: First Sneak-Peek

Postcards: First Sneak-Peek

Now that 2017 is almost over, we are ready to show you what we’ll release in 2018. It’ll start with the release of Postcards, a tool that will help you to create and generate beautiful emails/newsletters for your website. It’s designed for any …

From Top to Bottom: Vertical Orientation is Gaining Popularity in Web Design

From Top to Bottom Vertical Orientation is Gaining Popularity

From left to right (or for such languages as Arabic or Persian from right to left), from top to bottom that is our accustomed path of exploring things in the books, documents, websites, advertisements, pamphlets, etc. In general, horizontal orientation …

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