Aviationstack: Provider of Free, Real-time Flight Status & Global Aviation Data API

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The aviation industry is a giant industry with millions of passengers booking flights to journey from one part of the globe to another. With over 100,000 flights taking off and landing every day, it is evident that the industry runs on the robust system and aviation businesses value the importance of real-time solutions.

For businesses intending to enter the aviation industry, you must integrate technologies that will help you track flights, airline routes, flight histories, real-time information on airports, among several data. More so, if you are among the small minority of the world’s population that fly regularly, you need a real-time flight status & global aviation data API for up-to-date airport information.

Here is a review on aviationstack detailing how the global aviation data API works, the features, benefits, among several.

What is aviationstack?

What is aviationstack?

Aviationstack owns aviationstack API, an API built to deliver accurate data about global flights for both real-time and historical flights. The company is headquartered in Austria and serves more than 5,000 companies around the globe involved in services such as flight booking, visualization programs, and flight monitoring applications, among other services in the aviation space.

The aviationstack API was built and maintained by apilayer, a leading technology company with cutting-edge API products in markets ranging from currency, IP geolocation, and User-Agent detection among several others. The aviationstack API is trustworthy because the developer and maintainer are renowned industry-player that built other remarkable products such as invoicely, eversign, ipstack, and other SaaS products.

As a result of the integration of the aviationstack API with one of the most sophisticated aviation data provider on the market, the tool delivers real-time updates regarding ongoing flights with a lag of only 30-60 minutes. Hence, you will never need an alternative API solution. More so, the API also delivers up-to-date information about airports, airline routes, and aircraft and destination locations.

The real-time and historical flight statuses are accurate and robust because the aviationstack API pulls aviation data from over 10,000 airports, 19,000 airplanes, 300 airplane types, and 13,000 airlines. The API also provides accurate information from more than 9,000 cities in over 250 countries. And it presents data from more than 500 aviation taxes.

The aviationstack API is not only built for aviation businesses but also for individuals to access global data and stay up-to-date with extensive data set airline routes and other related information in the aviation space. As a scalable REST API, all types of websites from a simple blog to a responsive app can utilize the API and its benefits.

Key features of aviationstack API

The aviationstack API is a seamless tool for aviation space. It comes with several cutting-edge features that make one of the best tools for aviation businesses and customers. Here some of the features and functionalities of the aviationstack API:

  • Powerful built-up: the API was built on a robust infrastructure which makes it very durable for handling all types of requests thrown at it. More so, the API was built and maintained by a leading tech-industry with lots of fantastic products under their belt.
  • Regular Updates: the API is updated every 30 to 60 seconds to enhance prompt and effective tracking of information. Therefore, businesses and customers are like can stay abreast of real-time flight details across 250 countries.
  • Correct and Concurrent Data: the API makes accurate data available. It features data from more than 10,000 airports from over 9,000 cities about any light at any stage in the flight.
  • Historical Flight Data: the API was also built to provide data on historical flights. This is an essential ability in that it allows you to stay up to date about past details about airports, airline routes and other relevant aviation-related information.
  • Scalable JSON REST API: the API is scalable, that is, it can grow with your business. Moreover, the aviationstack API is cross-platform and supports both small and enterprise markets.
  • Seamless Integration with Documentation: the aviationstack API is easy to integrate on any platform. More so, the package comes with extensive documentation featuring some essential few lines of code.
  • Free Plan: the API allows users to integrate and use the tool to a certain level without paying any dime. This is an incredible feature for individuals and small businesses to keep track of real-time aviation data.
  • Dependable Uptime Rate: the API has maintained an uptime of 99.9% in the past one year. This means users can rest assured of being able to interact with the API 24/7 with no irregularities.

Pricing plans of the aviationstack API

The aviation API is seamless with lots of multiple pricing options. The pricing plans are flexible and easy to navigate. More so, if you subscribe for the annual billing of the pricing plans, you can receive up to 20% discount. Below are the four pricing plans of aviationstack API:

  • Free Plan: this free plan is for personal use, and it requires no credit card. The plan allows only about 500 requests per month with limited technical support. The pricing plan comes with full aviation data, real-time flights but only features a personal license.
  • Basic Pricing Plan: this plan goes for $49.99 per month or $39.99 if billed yearly. It allows up to 10,000 requests per month with unlimited support. The plan comes with a commercial license, full aviation data, real-time flights, historical flights, HTTPS Encryption, airline routes, and autocomplete.
  • Professional Pricing Plan: this is the best value package which goes for $149.99 per month or $119.99 if billed yearly. The plan takes up to 50,000 requests monthly with unlimited support and a commercial license. It comes with full commercial data, real-time flights, historical flights, HTTPS encryption, airline routes, autocomplete and extended access limits.
  • Business Pricing Plan: the business-level plan goes for $499.99 per month or $399.99 if billed yearly. The plan takes up about 250,000 requests monthly with premium support and a commercial license. It comes with full aviation data, real-time flights, historical flights, HTTPS encryption, airline routes, autocomplete, and extended access limits.
  • Enterprise Plan: This enterprise package gives room for custom pricing, which allows you to tailor the package to suit your needs. With the package, you can choose your preferred volume requests, custom solutions and dedicated support. Like every other package, enterprise features a commercial license, full aviation data, real-time flights, historical flights. And HTTPS encryption, airline routes, autocomplete and extended access limits.


Aviationstack is a seamless tool for aviation space. It works perfectly with a variety of website and platforms for both personal and business uses. The tool is useful for monitoring flights for an event, flight tracking applications, airline tracking and other flight booking websites or platforms.

The aviationstack API was built by apilayer, and the leading tech company also maintains it. The API comes with a documentation that provides a step-by-step guide and lines of code for easy integration of the tool on all kinds of websites and platforms.

The tool comes with several pricing plans to allow individuals and businesses of different sizes to be able to choose the best that suits their needs and budget. As a scalable REST API, aviationstack is an innovative tool to enhance convenient monitoring and tracking of both real-time and historical flights.

With this tool, you can never miss a flight again. Get the API on your websites, apps or platforms for your users to seamlessly track flights, airline routes and other related aviation information.


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