35 Great Examples of Rock Band Website Designs

You can’t imagine your life nowadays without the internet. We all spend hours and hours doing various things, like work, research, entertainment. And, speaking of entertainment, although this domain is very vast, we will talk about music today, specifically about rock music. As you probably know, rock music emerged from the 1940’s and 1950’s rock and roll, which was influenced on its turn by blues and country.

The beauty of rock music consists in the fact that it is a style that was inspired from many more like jazz, blues, folk, classical and others. So this genre began developing during and after the 1960’s, mainly in the United Kingdom and the United States. The music is centered mainly on the electric guitar; most of the times accompanied by bass guitar and drums, placing a big emphasis on live performance and authenticity. This genre of music has served as a cultural and social movement, giving birth to hippie, punk, goth, emo and other subcultures.

Ok, so everybody has some favorite band, about which they would want to know every detail, updates, new albums and tours. It is now a usual thing for music creators to have their own official web page, where all the communication with the fans happens, new pictures from the latest concert are uploaded and discussed, and the most recent album is being promoted and so on. It is important that the official website represents the artists.

Especially if you are visiting it for the first time, it’s style should say a lot about the band. You wouldn’t use black and pink in a emo style for a band that sings hard rock, but you would use some dark designs with some desolate colors for a goth band. I hope you got the idea. Now, here’s a showcase with some of the most representative and great rock band websites.

Rock Band Website Designs

System of a Down

Papa Roach

Snow Patrol


Rise Against


Pearl Jam

Avenged Sevenfold



Fall Out Boy

Breaking Benjamin


Billy Talent


Red Hot Chili Peppers

Green Day

Linkin Park

The Killers



Led Zeppelin

Rolling Stones


Nine Inch Nails

Green Day

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  1. Butch V. May 7, 11:16 pm

    A couple of the sites shown here aren’t that well designed when it comes to User Interface. NIN for example – the site navbar isn’t consistent with the rest of the pages in terms of mouse hover but I’m a stickler like that.

    The rest of the sites are nicely designed. Thanks for sharing! :)


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