12 Free Online Creative Portfolio Community Sites

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A portfolio website is a good way to promote your designing skills online. You might be aware of the portfolio communities which the designers have in different social networking sites. These sites give them portfolio pages and also personal profiles. The portfolio communities do not have only professional graphic designers hovering around but also some users who are new and want to learn making a new portfolio.

There are some free platforms for the people where they can learn to be creative professionals and the output is really nice. Some dynamic portfolio’s can be built for the latest projects in your hand. They are insights for creative professionals and leaders from the creative industry use it to hire talented people. One can form groups, share content or receive the feedback from this network. Some sites let you manage and display your portfolio at the same time. They have a range of tools which lets you modify the work you wish to showcase. You just to signup and fill the form and you reach the personal dashboard.  The about tab is clicked to fill in the personal details to make it the way you wish the portfolio to appear in public. You can add projects along with images, flash movies. The projects are to be grouped with details like title, description, client URL etc.

Other sites give users a provision for maintaining a good portfolio for a secured employment. The employers get to see different types of creativity and artwork on the sites along with the tools needed to sort the showcases. There is also a job section to make work easier for the employers to search for the right professional. The homepage can be customized by changing the size of font, thumb nails and background. The overall outline can be altered as the dashboard gives you drag and drop options. The areas of proficiency for these sites include the graphic designers, artists, photographers and web designers.

Sites for design professionals are in plenty like the community and career site. They hold individual portfolios and a record of projects and job openings. The booming community that goes through the site every day stand for a range of the whole design industry with working designers, hiring professionals both external and internal, product and design managers, educators and students.

Creative Portfolio Community Sites



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