35 Great Examples of Rock Band Website Designs

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You can’t imagine your life nowadays without the internet. We all spend hours and hours doing various things, like work, research, entertainment. And, speaking of entertainment, although this domain is very vast, we will talk about music today, specifically about rock music. As you probably know, rock music emerged from the 1940’s and 1950’s rock and roll, which was influenced on its turn by blues and country.

The beauty of rock music consists in the fact that it is a style that was inspired by many more like jazz, blues, folk, classical and others. So this genre began developing during and after the 1960’s, mainly in the United Kingdom and the United States. The music is centered mainly on the electric guitar; most of the time accompanied by bass guitar and drums, placing a big emphasis on live performance and authenticity. This genre of music has served as a cultural and social movement, giving birth to hippie, punk, goth, emo and other subcultures.

Ok, so everybody has some favorite band, about which they would want to know every detail, updates, new albums and tours. It is now a usual thing for music creators to have their own official web page, where all the communication with the fans happens, new pictures from the latest concert are uploaded and discussed, and the most recent album is being promoted and so on. It is important that the official website represents artists.

Especially if you are visiting it for the first time, it’s style should say a lot about the band. You wouldn’t use black and pink in an emo style for a band that sings hard rock, but you would use some dark designs with some desolate colors for a goth band. I hope you got the idea. Now, here’s a showcase with some of the most representative and great rock band websites.

Rock Band Website Designs

System of a Down

The front page is bursting with energy and is full of intense emotions. The spectacular photo background that immortalized the concert performance plays a significant role in charging the general atmosphere with excitement. Huge nameplate with a grungy feel instills a subtle sense of brutality into the UI reflecting the nature of numerous songs.

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Papa Roach

Thanks to bold, impressive and relatively big letterforms, the name of the rock band is the first thing that gets noticed. An enormous image with the members strengthens the effect bringing into the scene a human touch. The website covers all the relevant information concerning the current tour, news, media, special deals, store, and community. Everything is carefully laid out via a modular system.

Snow Patrol

The homepage stands out from the crowd with a massive almost overwhelming title of the band. The latter has a strong and forceful personality due to robust and rough shapes. Predominant dark coloring fits the theme quite well, reinforcing the impact. There is an audio player that lets users enjoy the beloved hits, blog section with news and some other vital pages which fans usually look for.


The official website is based on a classic two-column layout that arranges content quite effectively. Although the design is spiced up with a strong charisma of the music group, yet it does not overwhelm visitors. The clean structure provides quick access to the important details, including photos, videos, the latest news, e-store with featured products and much more.

Rise Against

The front page looks sophisticated, complex and intricate. Lavish photo background rules the roost here, whetting the appetite to exploring the project. However, it gives enough prominence to critical elements such as streamlined navbar on the top, news block, and mailing list. You can also buy ringtones and learn details of upcoming tours and events without delving deep inside.

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While the previous example surprises with an impressive photo background, this one will steal the show. The homepage features awesome illustration that catches the eye from the first seconds. Steampunk-inspired title fits like a glove here, complementing the lush composition.

Pearl Jam

The design gets its original and striking look from a riot of bright colors. Vibrant, funky illustrations placed on the backdrop in tandem with skeuomorphic metallic title develops magnificent old-timey feeling. Two-column layout handles all the content, systematizes data and skillfully balances lots of essential widgets such as news, radio, community, and others.

Avenged Sevenfold

The landing page leverages excellent illustration that is also featured on the official album cover. In such way, the website design is connected with the product, creating consistency in style.  The primary goal of the project is to promote the new CD so that unnecessary content is omitted, except for, a vital ‘Order Here’ CTA.


Much like the title of the band that sits on the top right corner, the overall design is marked by a red coloring that is reminiscent of blood. The theme complies with the spirit of the famous metal band and catches the character of songs. The layout is conventional and made with users in mind. There are standard pages dedicated to photos, videos, chat, etc.


The band has a content-heavy website, yet this is for best. Unlike the majority listed above, this one comprises a great deal of data. Starting from bio section and ending with extras, the project is able to suppress ‘hunger’ of aficionados. It familiarizes visitors with the band from different angles as well as includes a virtual fan zone and e-store with goods. The design is based on surreal scenes and lots of light effects that leave a profound impression.

Fall Out Boy

The homepage offers you to meet the team, showcasing each member on the header section. You can hardly resist the people who stare at you through the screen; they let the project ooze personality and charisma. What’s more, here you will find everything you can possibly need: merchandise, galleries with photos and videos, discography, regularly updated blog and much more.

Breaking Benjamin

Much like the previous example, the official website greets the online audience with a casual yet attention-grabbing photo of the band members. The background looks like a poster. However, it does not shout out at you, serving its goal pretty well. The homepage is quite minimal: paying attention to only valuable information it hits the targeted audience right away.


The website speaks completely through visuals. The mind-blowing background and original rustic and a bit authentic graphics are the chief bricks of the UI. The project substantially supports the new album, opening up an opportunity to listen to new tracks right from the homepage. The metal-themed nameplate with some distortions adds icing on the cake.

Billy Talent

The front page delivers the tremendous first impression. The layering aesthetics magnetizes and invites visitors into the project. Textures, grunge touches, stitched effect and skeuomorphic details set the tone to a creative and original kind of concept. Everything contributes to the theme: navigation, functional widgets and even news box.


The websites get the feel of a strong and a bit brutal rock band from skillfully incorporated metallic pieces, shiny surfaces, and other sharp details. Although the scene grabs the biggest piece of the pie, however, the list of tracks that is placed in the heart of the page also seizes the attention.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The page is thoughtfully constructed and boasts of a semi-realistic design. It has a subtle skeuomorphic appeal that keeps everything visually alluring. The navigation menu is worthy of attention as well. Thanks to a film-styled canvas it nicely blends in. The central area is reserved for demonstrating new albums or upcoming events.

Green Day

Although the front page is a bit content-heavy and everything is tightly placed together, however, the artistic nature of the design saves the day and engages the visitors with a bulk of relevant information. Each element, from a bloody brick-like background to the main menu that is arranged on a set of black wood plates, contributes to the mood and the tone of the project.

Linkin Park

Fantastic photo background makes the theme feel alive. It explodes with emotions and buzz. The nameplate nicely stands out from the background because of a simplistic design, solid color and bold letterforms. The navigation as well as a block with a video also unobtrusively gets into the field of view.

The Killers

The team goes for a more conservative solution regarding design. The website has a sense of serenity, elegance and tranquility. It is clean and neat. The only thing that has a dominant position is the video background. However, due to well-thought-out coloring, it does not overshadow two important things: streamlined, seamlessly integrated navigation bar and logotype.


The welcome screen allows users to feel the spirit and vigor that prevail on the concerts. The high-powered brisk photo background paired with a textured navigation menu and some artistic touches are what gives the website its unique look and strong visual appeal. The team also takes care of their fans by including detailed information about tours, albums, merchandise, biography, and so on.


The coming soon page of the band that stands behind an outstanding Bohemian Rhapsody and a bulk of other greatest hits gets the most out of the minimalist approach. The UI pulls of sophistication with ease as well as expresses the class and taste inherent to the legendary rock group. Photo background in a grayscale mode that is spruced up with a well-known artistic logotype creates a magical aura.

Led Zeppelin

The website gently invites you to enjoy outskirts of the megalopolis. The homepage is lacking in content, yet the meticulous attention to details separates it from the others. There are three elements that are vital for users and design philosophy: news block displayed as a classic piece of newspaper, band’s title styled as a traditional street neon sign and hand-written navigation menu.

Rolling Stones

It is hard not to agree that this legendary rock band needs no introduction; nevertheless, the homepage greets the online audience with four famous faces thereby opting in favor of human touch and open communication mode. The famous logotype created by John Pasche as befits sits on the top left corner and complete the look. The website has a marvelous general feeling that treats users with respect.


The design is populated with lots of noise. However, this fact does not overwhelm visitors. On the contrary, it adds to the artistic feel and reflects a subtle sense of female nature. The page looks polished, refined and harmonious. Beige and gray nicely work together, complement the textured background and offset the text of the backdrop beautifully.

Nine Inch Nails

The website design matches the spirit of the band’s logotype. Three big uncouth and slightly rustic letters in dark red establish the rhythm of the project. Even the typeface for navigation was chosen in accordance with it. The UI may look a bit gloomy at first sight, however, it is interesting to explore. Besides, the content naturally excels from the background allowing users to scan and read information quickly as well as move around without a hitch.


The team goes much further in comparison to the colleagues. Their official website is international. The ‘welcome’ screen offers users to choose their region in order to sort out all the clutter and find out only relevant news, events, and schedule. As for design, it is quite roomy, eye-pleasing and soft. The name of the band is the only wild thing here.

Foo Fighters

With its website design, the team reminds us all that the great part of the famous rock bands take their first steps in local garages. The background alone creates the general atmosphere. Predictably, the links to inner structure are scattered throughout the whole area to support the concept of a messy storage for vehicle.


The home page is carefully sliced into two parts in order to embrace important events more efficiently. Each section is personified by the corresponding picture that is full of life. The first column is reserved for fans who want to embark on a 360-degree tour of the Brazil concerts, and the second one leads to the main website with the general information.


The official page exudes an image of authority and brutality. The design is clean, tidy and well-organized. The header image flows nicely into the content and imposes a magnetic personality on the UI. The black and white color scheme plays wonderfully with the band nameplate that has shiny metal surfaces.

Artic Monkeys

The website breaks the molds of rough and wild designs with its decorative typefaces, smooth shapes, and classy coloring. If you take a closer look, you will notice that the page has two different decorative fonts that go perfectly well with each other, creating a symbiosis of symbols. Swashes and elegant finishing strokes reinforce the artistic feeling.


The website bets on textures and patterns to achieve rich aesthetics. Nevertheless, it still remains functional, handy to navigate and pleasant to use. All the critical features like navigation are based on solid backdrops that set them apart from the composition. A huge photo of the concert performance that occupies the central stage encourages visitors to continue through the project.

The Beatles

The ‘Fab Four’ offers users to indulge in nostalgia. The old-timey feeling is prevailing on the website thanks to numerous factors. However, the website is not devoid of modern features that let the project keep up with the rest of the World. What’s more, the traditional grid structure treats the content quite well, focusing on important things.


The UI does not have a typical nor friendly design. The band is famous for expressive, ‘savage’ and ‘heavy’ songs; and the website is a reflection of this. The massive, overpowering and oversized logotype bombards the visitors from the first seconds, creating the right feel. Although the content looks less weighty, yet it also grabs the attention.


Although the bad boys who openly and eloquently express their opinions through music adore to break rules, however when it comes to website design, their official pages stick to general principles and guidelines. Thus, each UI has a straightforward and quite handy structure with navigation that is simple and intuitive. All the vital details are taken into account leading to a great user experience. A ton of multimedia has not become a stumbling block, since all the content is broken into digestible portions. The aesthetics are increasingly artistic.

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