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Discover our engaging collection of free HTML email templates tailored for the music industry. Perfect for artists, bands, music promoters, and event organizers, our templates will resonate with your audience and encourage them to sign up or buy. Whether you're announcing a new album, promoting a concert, or sharing your latest newsletter, our templates provide a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Engage your audience with visually appealing and content-rich emails, all while saving time and resources with our free templates.

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  • No-Code Email Design and Development

    Postcards is a fully no-code email template builder. All tools within the Postcards editor are visually intuitive and easy to use.

  • Drag & Drop Online Email Editor

    We offer hundreds of pre-made email modules and essential email components that you can drag and drop into your editor and modify.

  • Music Responsive Email Templates

    We offer built-in and pre-made Music responsive email templates, but if you want to customize how your email template appears on mobile devices, you can do this using our mobile controllers.

  • Speed-up Email Template Production

    Our HTML email templates will accelerate your email design production by 20x. Postcards saves time, allowing you to focus on other email marketing tasks.

  • How to Rock Their Inbox with the Right Email Marketing

    Email is a captivating and powerful tool for musicians to connect with fans and build a loyal base. We have collected some tips to make the most of your email marketing and get your fans excited.

    Incentivize Sign-Ups: You can entice your fans to sign up by offering early access, special VIP offers, free downloads, unreleased demos or first dibs of new merch. By offering an incentive for their email, you can continue promoting new music and events to your fans throughout the year.

    Encourage Social Media Follows: Social media and email marketing can enhance the effectiveness each other. Through reels and hashtags, you can reach new people with your sound. By using the incentives we previously mentioned, you can then gain more followers through social and build your email list with gated content. You can also highlight your social accounts in each email you send to be sure that everyone on your list follows you on each platform, too.

    Promote Contests & Giveaways: You can really rock their inbox with contests and cool giveaways. Your email can promote a contest you are running through social. Having your fans tag a friend or share your posts can boost you on more than one platform. Emails keep the lines of communication open and offer one more way to remind your audience what you’re up to, and get them excited about winning tickets or merch.

    Share Unique Content: Your audience doesn’t just care about the music you produce - they care about you, too. Share your latest studio updates, rehearsal snippets, and what inspired your latest release to give your fans a glimpse into what makes you tick as an artist. They will love you even more for it.

  • Email Marketing Tips Part 2: Going the Distance

    You’re headed in the right direction, now tuck these email marketing tips away for your next campaign and get even better results.

    Connect the Call to Action (CTA): In every correspondence, start by defining your goal and leading all the text to the build up of the clear and concise CTA. Whether that’s buying tickets for your next show, claiming the last remaining t-shirts of your latest tour, or visiting your website, make it clear where you want your reader to go next.

    Build Excitement without Spamming: Time emails to build excitement for your next event, without overdoing it. A good tip is to always provide something your readers would find valuable in each and every email. Whether that’s a unique picture, funny or engaging story from the road, or a discount. Sennding multiple emails to your fanbase to remind them of an upcoming event will get your fans excited, and giving them a little extra something of value can make it more likely they open emails from you in the future. Something as simple as a personalized message can win their hearts, too. It doesn’t have to be complicated to authentically connect.

    Target Your Audience Like a Pro: We recommend segmenting your audience if possible. For musicians it makes sense to segment by location or past purchase history. Offering targeted messaging helps connect with your audience with the most relevant offer.

    Monitor Results and Collect Data: Tracking open rates, click-through rates, and when your fans unsubscribe can give you more information about what you’re doing right and what you may need to improve. Everyone gets an unsubscribe now and then but you can use the feedback to make your messaging and approach even stronger.

    A/B Test to See What Resonates Most: An A/B test separates your emails into two groups with only one change to each email. For instance, you can test subject lines, but don’t also test the time you send your email. You can test your CTA but don’t also change the images or offer at the same time. A/B testing is fantastic when you want to test specific elements of your messaging or marketing approach. Our templates make it easy to change the look and feel of your message and since you skip the design stage, you have more time to get curious.

    We hope you have enjoyed the tips and can utilize them to transform your email marketing into a powerful way to connect to your fans. If you just take one thing away, remember that the emails you create should be a personal and authentic experience that fosters more connection, making them truly feel like a part of your musical journey.

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