Free HTML Email Templates for Mailjet

Here's an amazing collection of free HTML email templates designed for Mailjet users. Whether it is a newsletter, promotion, or important news, all your needs can be just easily met with our template. Optimized for Mailjet, they make sure your messages look professional and serve to engage effectively. Dive into our catalog to find unique templates combining innovative design with ease of customization to make your emails stand out in any inbox. Ideal for marketers and businesses seeking to leverage the power of Mailjet without the hassle of coding from scratch.

Where to Edit Mailjet Email Templates?

Postcards gives you all the tools you need to start building and customize your Mailjet email template for free - from zero to the finished product in just a few minutes.

    • Drag & drop Mailjet email template builder

      Stack your modules together in order to create the template structure you want.

    • Customize your content with ease

      Add your images, texts and links using the intuitive no-code email editor.

    • Customize the mobile version of your email template

      Effortlessly manage and customize the mobile version of your email templates.

    • Simple export to your Mailjet account

      One-click export the template to Mailjet or as plain HTML file to upload anywhere.

  • Ready for action.

    Postcards works with Mailjet. We’ve tested all our email templates in Mailjet! Export in one click and save hours on HTML coding.

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  • No-Code Email Design and Development

    Postcards is a fully no-code Mailjet email template builder. All tools within the Postcards editor are visually intuitive and easy to use.

  • Drag & Drop Online Email Editor

    We offer hundreds of pre-made email modules and essential email components that you can drag and drop into your editor and modify.

  • Mailjet Responsive Email Templates

    We offer built-in and pre-made Mailjet responsive email templates, but if you want to customize how your email template appears on mobile devices, you can do this using our mobile controllers.

  • Speed-up Email Template Production

    Our Mailjet HTML email templates will accelerate your email design production by 20x. Postcards saves time, allowing you to focus on other email marketing tasks.

  • Mailjet HTML Email Templates Are Compatible with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and More

    Basically, we have very strict procedures regarding the assessment of all modules and templates. Our test is based on the highly recognized features in Litmus and Email on Acid. This definitely forms a strong way that ensures we dispatch high-end email templates. We pay particular attention to excellency in coding and design.

    If you want to, you can take a dedicated approach to great email template creation and stand up and shout: "We commit to protecting your emails from wrongly being marked as SPAM." Not only that, we are giving our HTML templates away for free. We've got cool testing features in there too. This gives you the power to perform full previews of your HTML email templates before you mail them. This way, it ensures that your emails are displayed perfectly on the many devices that will open it. You can also send a personal test in order to check what you will see on your own screen.

    Integration with Mailjet can only serve as another tool making your email marketing efforts more effective and far-reaching. This very platform is known for its sometimes widest analytics and most accurate testing tools. It allows for A/B testing that permits quite exact experimenting with your letters.

    As with the growing preference for dark mode among users, we have made sure that all of our email templates in Mailjet are now optimized in this setting. Such consideration reaches out to those subscribers using a device in dark mode settings. It then provides a more comfortable viewing experience, improves readability under low light, and so on.

    Moreover, Mailjet automatically optimizes the emails for dark mode. This ensures that the representation is consistent and appealing in the different email clients.

    Our email builder for Postcards is built to be simple. It easily allows customization of email templates to make them look like the identity of your brand, all without needing advanced coding skills. These templates are 100% compatible with Mailjet. They facilitate an easy import process and offer a frictionless sending experience.

    This kind of synergy between Postcards and Mailjet eases your workflow of an email campaign. They ensure your emails are not just beautiful but impactful as well. You can find inspiration for diverse, engaging, and stylish emails in diverse email templates. Use them to catch your audience's interest.

    Cleaning your email list on a regular basis is important since it will keep your engagement and open rates up and ensure the right target audience for your content. All this will result in great overall campaign performance.

    Email marketing still offers one of the best ROIs to marketers. Study after study still finds that for every $1 spent, an average return of $42 exists for email marketing.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Adding a Custom Email Template to Mailjet:

    1. Design Your Template: Start by creating your email template in Postcards or another email design tool. Ensure it aligns with your branding and message.
    2. Export the HTML: Once your design is finalized, export the HTML code from your design tool.
    3. Log Into Mailjet: Access your Mailjet account and navigate to the "My Templates" section.
    4. Create a New Template: Click on “Create a New Template” and select the “Import your own HTML” option.
    5. Upload Your HTML File: Paste your HTML code or upload the HTML file of your email template.
    6. Customize and Test: After uploading, customize your template as needed within Mailjet's editor. Use Mailjet's testing features to ensure it looks great across all devices.
    7. Save and Use: Once satisfied with the customization, save your template. It's now ready to be used in your email campaigns.

    By leveraging our expertise and Mailjet's robust platform, you're well-equipped to execute email campaigns that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also optimized for performance and subscriber engagement.

  • Email Template Support and Updates

    Introducing our collection of very carefully designed html email templates, built for perfect integration with MailJet. They are designed with precision and great care for designs and deliverability covering complete array of needs in an email marketing environment. Our tools have been designed to fit everyone, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and are purposed to take your engagement with the target audience to the next level by just making you communicate better. We are always working to keep our offers up to industry standards, which is why we periodically redesign our templates. Our skilled and professional emailers and email marketing exponents will stand ready with the latest standards and best emailer practices to support you and your team. Their extensive experience, married to professional advice, can crack the code or guide in overcoming whatever challenges you may face in email design.

    Our advanced updates in the Postcards email builder regard the latest advancements and trends in the email technology. Your opinion is valued and taken into consideration. It encourages and supports our aspiration to present the market premium level of email templates.

    Our templates are ideal for purposes such as product launches, newsletters, transactional messages, among many others. They are perfect for the welcome, promotion, and nurturing of leads. Our collection ensures that your communication gets to the core of your brand. We have a set of free HTML responsive email templates that will make working with Mailjet campaigns much easier. Drag and drop, powerful controls, Postcards email builder gives you a freedom that you need, to create and add your individual touch to the email, perfectly fitting the identity of your brand.

    Leverage your campaigns through A/B testing your Mailjet. Different subject lines, content, and design elements will increase open rates and engagement once tested.

    When you pick our collection, you're not just tapping into templates—you are tapping into decades of collective experience in email marketing. This will take the communications of your brand to the next level.