Free Responsive HTML Email Newsletter

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Our free responsive email newsletter is a perfect start for whatever campaign you have in mind.

Whether you want to provide new information, promote special offers or reconnect with subscribers, it will do the trick. And most importantly, it will work perfectly everywhere the user opens it. The responsive layout functions on all popular screen resolutions and looks good across devices.

Tip: Try Postcards and create HTML emails in minutes without coding knowledge.

We are living in an era where websites and newsletters go hand in hand. They establish a unique mode of communication between a website owner and online audience. While a website is exposed to the world for everyone to visit and enjoy; a newsletter with special content provides a sense of singularity and feeling of belonging to a private group or secret society. Together, they engage online users in close dialogue with you to develop a bond. Email newsletters cannot be ignored or neglected.

But not all of your attention has to be directed toward it. What’s more, if you have a blog or online magazine it can be hard to maintain a proper quality level for both elements. To meet this need, you should have a proven, universal flexible responsive email newsletter at your fingertips.

And we have one to share with you.

No-Code Email Template Builder

With Postcards Email Builder you can create and edit email templates online without any coding skills! Includes more than 100 components to help you create custom emails templates faster than ever before.

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Free Responsive HTML Email Newsletter

With our Postcards App, Designmodo tries to maintain clean aesthetics that go perfectly well with the majority of projects. It has a beautiful, neat and elegant design with tidy gaps between sections and lots of white space. The colors are neutral and typography is strong. It is thoughtfully constructed. You will find five sections that are carefully delineated.

  • Classic ultra-narrow header with a logotype and a batch of links.
  • Block for a top story with a hero image. Add a date, title, excerpt and of course link to other publications.
  • A two-column section that by default is used to promote blog posts. While there are just two blocks, each has a prominent image background and you can always add more items.
  • A section with a small grid where each cell contains an image and content skillfully aligned at the right. Add a header for the area as well as a short description.
  • A section to cover all the essentials: contact information, social media and closing words.

Download the Responsive HTML Email Newsletter


Remember! Try Postcards here and create HTML emails without coding skills.

Download our free responsive HTML email newsletter and enjoy its universality and flexibility.


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