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When it comes to marketing strategies, an absolute must-have for e-commerce is an email newsletter. It seems like newsletters and E-Commerce were made for each other. A newsletter can do magic in generating sought-after leads.

To carry out its mission well a newsletter should contain crucial elements like a small catalog of products or best offer. Designmodo has you covered with an excellent free e-commerce email templates. It has everything you need to conduct successful campaigns.

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E-commerce is not a luxury. It is no longer an expensive commodity that just huge conglomerates can afford; anyone can open a small e-store. And in some cases, it even won’t cost a thing. For example, there are a ton of websites built on WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin, that is free or Shopify that charges a small fee for a sterling online retail site.

With a delivery service at your fingertips, fast internet and people who are accustomed to buying things online you can sell things just comfortably sitting at home with merchandise stored elsewhere. The success of e-commerce websites often comes down to marketing strategies. And here we can lend you a helping hand.

Our E-Commerce HTML email newsletter is divided into four parts with a purpose.

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  • The header contains a logotype placed right at the center and a range of links that lead to external resources. They are displayed like a traditional menu and looks clickable.
  • A hero area that, thanks to compactness and minimalism, fits in the majority of the screen. It is here where you can promote offers or items. There is a slot for an image and a huge title, place for description and a call-to-action button.
  • The product grid is called “New Arrivals” though you can easily change it. All items are organized in a neat grid. Each item in a cell is presented via image, title, price and “shop now” button with a corresponding link.
  • The footer. As any footer on a website, it is centered around contact information. It is split into two columns. The first has a small text block and a set of social icons, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The second is dedicated to contact information including blocks for address, telephone number and email.
Free E-Commerce Email Newsletter

Download the E-Commerce HTML Email Newsletter

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With all that on board, our free e-commerce email newsletter is perfect for any e-commerce campaigns out there.


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