Free HTML Email Templates for Constant Contact

You can find free HTML email templates to improve your Constant Contact campaigns. Email design templates can make your email exclusive. They can attract your audience. Use them in every industry and every occasion. Such templates can be used for making your marketing efforts more efficient. You can also use it in mailing newsletters or in promoting something. Our catalog is visually catchy. The features make way for the optimization of responsibility and user engagement. Using these templates would give your email blasts higher effectiveness and memorability.

Where to Edit Constant Contact Email Templates?

Postcards gives you all the tools you need to start building and customize your Constant Contact email template for free - from zero to the finished product in just a few minutes.

    • Drag & drop Constant Contact email template builder

      Stack your modules together in order to create the template structure you want.

    • Customize your content with ease

      Add your images, texts and links using the intuitive no-code email editor.

    • Customize the mobile version of your email template

      Effortlessly manage and customize the mobile version of your email templates.

    • Simple export to your Constant Contact account

      One-click export the template to Constant Contact or as plain HTML file to upload anywhere.

  • Ready for action.

    Postcards works with Constant Contact. We’ve tested all our email templates in Constant Contact! Export in one click and save hours on HTML coding.

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  • No-Code Email Design and Development

    Postcards is a fully no-code Constant Contact email template builder. All tools within the Postcards editor are visually intuitive and easy to use.

  • Drag & Drop Online Email Editor

    We offer hundreds of pre-made email modules and essential email components that you can drag and drop into your editor and modify.

  • Constant Contact Responsive Email Templates

    We offer built-in and pre-made Constant Contact responsive email templates, but if you want to customize how your email template appears on mobile devices, you can do this using our mobile controllers.

  • Speed-up Email Template Production

    Our Constant Contact HTML email templates will accelerate your email design production by 20x. Postcards saves time, allowing you to focus on other email marketing tasks.

  • Constant Contact HTML Email Templates Are Compatible with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and More

    We work really hard as a team to come up with Constant Contact email templates that look amazing and work equally well. We test each design through advanced tools such as Litmus and Email on Acid to make sure it meets industry standards. This testing is part of our commitment to excellence, guaranteeing that your emails look perfect and work flawlessly on any device.

    We, in fact, know that digital trends change as fast as 6-7 months. So, we regularly keep our templates updated with the latest features and designs, for instance, dark mode compatibility, which keeps our templates fresh. This will make your emails stand out in a crowded digital space.

    We also understand that accessible and easy-to-use are very important. That's why we've made the Postcards Email Builder. With this tool, you can easily modify templates without any technical skills needed. You can easily show your brand's personality by means of this great tool.

    Great tip if you use Constant Contact. Use personalization and segmentation. Segmented and personalized campaigns show six times the transaction rates of non-segmented campaigns. This not only boosts engagement but will help better bond with your audience.

    In order to add a custom email template to Constant Contact, proceed as follows:

    1. Once you log into your Constant Contact account, click on the "Campaigns" tab.
    2. Click "Create" and select "Email."
    3. Select the "Custom Code" under the "Email" section.
    4. Press the "Import" button and then "Browse" to navigate to the location of your file of the custom email template.
    5. Once uploaded, you will be taken to the built-in editor where you can further edit the template to your desired look.
    6. Segment your audiences and personalize your message post customization for an enhanced engagement.

    We are committed to ensuring that your email marketing is a success. We believe in quality, innovation, and most importantly, customer satisfaction. When you choose our templates, you get much more than just a product. You are joining hands with a team that is focused and committed to working towards enhancing your online presence, ensuring great results within the competitive world of digital marketing.

  • Email Template Support and Updates

    Postcards is the leading solution for email marketing. A professional group to skyrocket your email campaigns. We work with well-thought-out Constant Contact email templates. They are in line with the industry norms and make your campaigns fresh and engaging.

    We pride ourselves as being a widely recognized platform, easy to use, and full of features. Create custom-made emails that will relate with your audience. We value user feedback. We are constantly working on new services that will deliver impactful templates that will be loved by our users.

    Our collection of Constant Contact email templates can fit various email marketing campaign goals. It offers templates for transactional emails, product launches, and newsletters. These templates boost engagement, promote offers, and help you to reach the goals of your business efficiently.

    With Postcards, customizing your emails to match your brand and message is easy. This ensures your emails look professional and resonate with your audience. It makes your email marketing campaigns more effective.

    Choose Postcards—a complete solution for placing your business in the competitive industry. We are oriented on providing only the top quality, innovativeness, and customer satisfaction. That is what makes us the most successful partner for you in the sphere of email marketing.

    As per Constant Contact data, the average open rate across all industries is 18.0%. This evidently states how a well-written email or postcard can help in generating better engagement. Postcards can help make your campaigns different and thereby ensure better engagement.

    Segment them according to their interests and behaviors and personalize the email content. A personalized approach could significantly increase the rate of opened emails. It could also increase the level of attention paid to them. It is the most effective way to make your email marketing work.

    Position your brand as a thought leader in the industry by incorporating newer information and strategies. Use all the above-mentioned and incorporated expertise and tools of Postcards. Every single email has your audience hooked.

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